Is Law School Worth It?

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Is Law School Worth It?

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If you are considering going to law school, you have a lot of considerations to weigh. The cost of attendance is significant, so you need to decide if that cost is worth taking on. Is this a long-term investment worth making, or should you consider a different career path? Here are some considerations that will help you make the right choice.

The Challenge of Law School

First, consider how difficult law school is. You want to be certain you are up for the task and can graduate with success. One way to decide if you are ready for the challenge is to take the LSAT. This test determines if you have the proper preparation for law school and is a requirement for your degree program. The range is 120 to 180, and a good average is in the 150s. Check your school's prerequisite requirements to see if your score falls within the desired range. If you can do well on the LSAT, you are probably ready for the academic challenges of law school.

The Costs of Law School

Another consideration is the cost of law school. This varies significantly based on whether you choose an in-state or out-of-state university or a private university. The most costly choice is a private university, while the most affordable is an in-state public university. You should also plan the cost of your living expenses while you are in law school. The total cost of attendance is between $43,000 to $80,000 a year. You can use student loans and grants for some of this, and most young lawyers do graduate with some school debt.

The Income Potential

In light of these costs, you will need to weigh the income potential of working as a lawyer. This career path is a high-paying one, which is why so many people choose it. The average pay in 2021 based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, was $127,990 a year, which is a high income potential. Those who make it to the highest 10% earn over $208,000 a year, which is excellent. Also, there is a high demand for lawyers, which means finding work is typically not difficult for someone who enters the legal field.

The Skills Learned

Finally, when weighing the pros and cons of going to law school, you should consider the skills you will earn in this education path. In addition to learning the basics of law, you will learn how to think and communicate like a lawyer does. This includes learning how to conduct legal research and how to write for legal publications and needs. You will also learn oration and rhetoric, so you will be equipped to be a good public speaker.

Is law school worth it? If you have a desire to pursue a career in law, want to learn legal research and communication skills, and are interested n the excellent income potential in this field, then yes. It is. While the cost may be high, the rewards are immense, making it a good education path to consider.

This article was submitted by the law firm of Heban, Murphree & Lewandowski, LLC, a probate law firm based in Toledo, OH.

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