Gedeno Helping High School Dropouts Get Their College Degrees

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Gedeno Helping High School Dropouts Get Their College Degrees

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A second shot at your high school certificate, it's what GEDs promise. While there have been numerous debates regarding GEDs and whether they are useful in today's landscape, the fact remains that having a certificate is better than none, which is exactly what the CEO of Gedeno has to say about the topic. 

"Just like a high school diploma, GEDs make you qualified for most entry-level jobs and entry into practically all colleges and universities.

"So keep in mind that it is better to hold a GED diploma than no high school diploma at all. The fact of the matter is that the changes made to the GED exam have made it more rigorous which has caused many employers and schools to view the GED differently than before."

For those who are hoping to advance their careers or education, GEDs are definitely something to consider if not pursue. 

High school dropouts don't often have much in the way of employment, unless they go to college or choose a more unconventional path such as forging their own way ahead. But how many Bill Gates or Steve Jobs are there running around? The harsh truth is that only a very small percentage of high school dropouts become hugely successful and the masses generally rely on the traditional way in order to achieve financial security. 

There is a reason why the "American Dream" exists. It keeps society in order, so that the general populace can fill positions that the community needs. Imagine a world where everyone wants to be an innovator or entrepreneur, and there is nobody filling the roles of blue collar work or teaching posts? The world would descend into chaos and the economy would not be as stable as it has been thus far. 

However, the conventional path of graduating from high school can sometimes be a novel one, depending on which neighborhood you grew up in. For some, it is extremely fortunate if they are able to go to school, let alone complete school. But those that are given the opportunity to continue their education at a later stage in life, they should jump at the opportunity because a GED is a passport to greater things. 

"97 percent of all North American universities and colleges are accepting the GED in the same way as a common high school diploma," says a representative from Gedeno. However, they do stress that, "GED graduates must meet the schools' specific admissions criteria in the same way as incoming high school students must do. Many colleges and universities require incoming students to submit their SAT or ACT results and a good GPA is often also required. This may be somewhat problematic for GED graduates but schools have a pretty good way to compare GED scores to GPA."

Receiving one's GED isn't a sure-fire way to gaining a college degree, but it is a step in the right direction. Furthering one's education can be a challenging task, but for those who have risen up to the rigors of college, it shouldn't be a problem. 

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