Ways To Make a Perfect Property Investment

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Ways To Make a Perfect Property Investment

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Property investment is one of the best acquisition options with lower risk and higher returns. You can opt for several options like flipping houses and rental properties. Purchasing property is a slow and stable investment. They are easy to understand being tangible assets. 

NNN properties for sale or triple net lease properties are a great option. They allow the investors to have passive income with minimum risk. They also give a predictable monthly revenue and have a hedge against inflation. 

Net leased properties are a conservative strategy that adds to the investor's portfolio. In short, NNN for sale is high-quality lease investments that match your needs. 

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Traditional Buying

Living on your property is a great feeling. You don't have to pay any rent or follow any lease agreement. You will gain benefits every time the value of the property goes up. However, you can also buy and rent out the property to have a more stable income. Rental income is more than the mortgage payment. 

Several other benefits include having more control over the place. You can decide the amount of rent, the color of the house, and even when to sell the house. 

You will have a substantial gain every time the value of the property increases. Buy to let is one of the most stable sources of long-term income. 

The only drawback to the traditional investment is the high deposit. Every property in the UK requires a typical deposit of 25%. Apart from this, you also have to consider stamp duty.

Alternate Ways Of Investment

Real Estate investment is the modern substitute for property investment. The stock market also has many of these investment options. Many investors are pursuing a course to make a career out of real estate investment. Nearly 75% of profits arising out of the real estate are rental income. The owners distribute 90% of rental income to their investors as dividends. 

There are two types of REI. Open-ended REI does not have a specific number of shares. Its shares disappear when they sell them. Close-ended REI has a set number of shares. It is similar to public companies which enter the stock market through IPO.

Another alternate way of investment is private funds. If you have a problem entering the stock market, a private property fund is a suitable option for you. The basic working of private property funds is pooling the individual investor's money to buy real estate and distributing the profits earned. An expert team manages the allocation of these funds. They also charge a small fee from the investors for the work. 

Property crowdfunding and property lending are also becoming profitable in recent times. While property crowdfunding allows investors to buy a fractional share in the asset, property lending clubs the investors together to lend out cash to an individual or an entity to buy a property. 

Investors with diverse risk appetites stand to gain a lot from these investment options. Some platforms propose tax-free investment by categorizing property loans as peer-to-peer investments. Some drawbacks of this way of investment include being less suitable for an average person. An experienced investor stands to gain more from these investment options. 

Also, the property holds the investment amount for some time. You cannot withdraw funds whenever you wish. You don't even have any control over the asset in this case.

3 Things To Consider Before Investing

Here are three things to consider before investing your money into property:-

  • Capital- Decide the amount of money you are ready to invest. Analyze the fund according to the type of investment you want to make. Traditional buying would require you to arrange funds for a security deposit. You may approach platforms that allow you to invest in property with less amount. 

  • Liquidity- Long-term and short-term investment have their benefits and drawbacks. It depends on when you want to access your money. Some private funds investment platforms lock the amount for a certain period. On the other hand, you can buy and sell real estate whenever you wish. 

  • Risk- You need to find the best property that fits into a balanced investment portfolio. You can take the high risk if the return is high. It is not worth it to take the risk for lower returns. Therefore, consider the ROI and risk factor before selecting the investment options.

The Bottom Line

There is nothing called the "perfect" option. The choice differs from person to person depending on an individual's budget, experience, and ability to afford the risk. Place these factors into your lifestyle and make the right choice that matches your needs.

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