7 Ingenious Apartment Decor Ideas for Freshmen to Create a Homely Ambience

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7 Ingenious Apartment Decor Ideas for Freshmen to Create a Homely Ambience

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Home-a comforting shelter that radiates warmth and coziness. Even if you go to the most comfortable places in the world, ultimately what you find is that nothing beats your home. After all, it's yours. Every corner of your home is decorated according to your likes and radiates your fragrance. It's your happy place. All the comfort that you aspire for becomes available to you at your home. It doesn't matter whether you have a small home or a huge one; the emotional connection is the same. 

You find it enjoyable and interesting to explore new places, but after some days, exhaustion will set in, and you long to return to your happy place. But, sadly, when you join a college or a University, you have to stay away from your home. You have to buy a rented house close to your college or University and stay there, as well as look up how much renters insurance costs. Naturally, you miss your home, the vibe, and your loved ones.

Although your rented apartment can never take the place of your own home, you can still embellish it in a way that replicates your home, including keeping it clean. Won't it be enchanting to have a homely apartment? Definitely, it will be. So, here are some astounding decor ideas for you to create a homely ambiance in your rented apartment. 

7 Ingenious Ideas to Make Your Rented Apartment Feel Like Home

1. Use a Removable Wallpaper That Resembles the Walls of Your Home:

Usually, apartments have dull-white, yellow, or purplish walls. The moment you enter, the walls remind you that you are not home. You so wish that you could do something about the walls, but oftentimes the constraints on the lease prevent you from doing that. But, the good news is that you no longer have to bear the dull walls of your rented apartment.

Today, there are plenty of removable wallpapers available in the market that you can use to give the walls of your rented apartment a homely appearance. You can also try to find wallpaper that resembles the walls of your home. Believe it or not, just a simple wallpaper can make your rented apartment feel like home. 

2. Bring Some Air-purifying Plants to Add Greenery:

 Whether you love plants or not, bringing some air purifying plants home is always a good idea. They'll not only beautify your apartment, radiate peace, calm your mind, and add positive energy to your place but also improve the quality of air. Pollution has led the air quality index in most cities to fall in the unhealthy range. People are now investing in air purifiers to breathe clean air and help improve sleep quality while living in crowded dorms and apartments. 

You can purify the air in your rented apartment in a cost-effective and decorative way with the help of air-purifying plants. Snake plant, Broadleaf palm, and Gerbera daisy are some attractive air purifiers you can decorate your apartment with. 

3. Use Attractive Photo Frames and Display Strings of Photos to Keep Your Loved Ones Close:

In the words of Tracy Taylor, "Home is where you feel loved, appreciated, and safe." It feels the best when your loved ones are around. No doubt, sometimes your parents scold you and your siblings nag you to do things that you don't want to but if seen in a true sense, their presence makes your life beautiful.

Your attachment to your home is also intense because of the fact that your loved ones reside there. Your apartment cannot feel homely without their presence. So, you should use attractive photo frames and display strings of photos to keep your loved ones close. As you enter your apartment, these photos will make you feel as if your loved ones are welcoming you. 

4. Add Alluring Curtains: 

Drapes and curtains bring life into a room. Add alluring curtains to brighten up your apartment and make it resemble your home. If you love floral designs, bring in some floral curtains. If you are an anime fan, bring in some anime-based curtains. Choose any design you like, but don't ignore this idea.

Sipping your morning coffee while standing near a window with captivating curtains is a wonderful start to your day. Don't forget to take pictures of your beautiful curtains and send them home. Your family members will feel elated to see your beautiful apartment and want to spend some time there with you. 

5. Use Calming Lights to Add a Blissful Touch: 

Lighting plays an important role in beautifying a place. Balanced lighting works wonders in uplifting your mood and making you feel cozy. If your apartment's lighting is not how you like, it's time to customize it. 

Paying rent doesn't give you the freedom to make permanent changes to the rental property, but it does give you the freedom to add a homely touch to it with things of your choice, in a similar way to how those with rental vehicles will need non owner car insurance.

You can bring some floor lamps of your choice to create your dream apartment. Markets are full of captivating floor lamps. You can also order yours online. But, it'll certainly be better if you check the quality of lighting before bringing the floor lamps home. Thanks to the internet, you can also include your family members in selecting the best floor lamps. 

6. Hang Lively Paintings: 

Home decor remains incomplete without paintings. Despite not being able to paint your apartments with the colors of your choice, you can add shades of your favorite colors to the walls with the help of paintings. Light-colored paintings look the best on dark-colored walls and vice versa. You can also use a color chart to visualize what color paintings will look the most graceful on the walls.

Moreover, if you are passionate about painting, why not make use of your talent? Use the internet to look for paintings that captivate your heart and bring them to life using your skills. This will also give you the pride of telling everyone that the artist behind the beautiful paintings hung in your apartment is none other than you. Isn't it an excellent idea? 

7. Use a Series of Small Rugs at Appropriate Places in Your Apartment:

 How could this list be completed without mentioning rugs! They warm up a room while adding a decorative touch to it. Whether you want to add colors to your hallway or add life to your furniture, rugs are the best choice. They also make the visitors feel welcome and are appealing to the eyes. Moreover, if you don't like the flooring of your apartment or if it is rough at places, you can use beautiful rugs to cover those portions. You can easily buy these decorative pieces online or from traditional markets. 

Moving to a new place and staying in a rented apartment is obviously a big challenge. But, as a freshman, you have to take this arduous step to gain a quality education and fulfill your dreams.

To eradicate feelings of loneliness and isolation, the best thing that you can do is to create a homely ambiance in your apartment. The different decor ideas mentioned above will help you with the same.

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