What Makes the Best Pet Insurance: How to Choose What’s Right for You’

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What Makes the Best Pet Insurance: How to Choose What’s Right for You’

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In life, we have a lot of choices. And for those of us who have chosen to take care of a cute and furry pet, there is a big choice to make when it comes to finding the best pet insurance.

Whether you're a cat lover or proud dog owner, you will want the best for your pet-and that includes ensuring they can get all the health care they need.

But medical expenses for pets can get expensive. And we mean really, really expensive. In fact, there are too many scenarios of pet owners needing to actually choose between going into debt or saving their pet's life. And that is a decision that absolutely no one should ever be faced with-pets are priceless!

So this is where choosing the right pet insurance for you comes into play. Luckily, there is a range of different options to choose from-all with their various perks and specialities. To help you navigate your way through all these choices and ensure that your pet gets the best quality of life for their entire life, we have put together our top factors that go into making the best pet insurance.

1. Saying "yes" to medical care is easy

One of the most important aspects of pet insurance is that it should be easy to get the care you need for your pet. You shouldn't have to be on the phone for hours with an insurance provider before being able to commit your pet to the healthcare they need. And when we say healthcare-we mean everything. Whether it be a wellness exam, vaccination appointment, surgery or an emergency situation, saying "yes" upfront and knowing that you will be supported by your pet insurance provider financially should be a top consideration.

2. The option to create bespoke plans

Every pet is unique. With pets coming into your life at different ages, different breeds and different pre-existing conditions, your pet will likely need to have a pet insurance plan that makes sense for them and their individual health needs. The best pet insurance plans will cater to this, taking on board the pet's current health conditions and allowing you to choose various add-ons for coverage that make sense to your individual pet.

3. Not being stuck with just one veterinarian

This one is a real winner when it comes to pet insurance perks. The best plans will give you the ability to go to literally any pet clinic or the emergency room you want. You won't be committed to just one clinic or doctor-which with most human health plans, that is the case. Instead, you can visit a few different clinics for comparison purposes to find the best fit for you and your pet-with every single visit being covered by your insurance plan. And what's more, if you are traveling with your pet in another state, this same rule applies.

4. Preventative care is supported

Recent studies are showing that the earlier you can detect an illness, injury or disease with your pet, the simpler it will be to find a remedy and the less expensive the overall costs will be. The best plans support yearly wellness exams and all the vaccines to keep your pet protected. You'll be amazed at how much healthier your pet is from getting access to preventative care that does not cost you a fortune.

5. Bundles for families with lots of pets

This one is another important factor to consider, especially if you are a pet owner who cares for multiple pets. If that is the case, then the best pet insurance for you is the one that creates one coverage plan that covers all your different pets-regardless of their age or breed. This means that payments for you are simple, getting reimbursed is simple and all of your pets will get equal coverage going forward. It also means that you will never have to play favorites when it comes to what pet gets the best health coverage.

6. Plans that don't discriminate

If you are a pet owner who may not have signed your pet up for coverage from the get-go or have a breed that is prone to certain illnesses or health complications, then you will definitely want to get a pet insurance plan that doesn't discriminate. The best plans are inclusive and make it easy to sign your pet up regardless. No questions asked!

These six factors are just a few things for you to consider when choosing the right pet insurance for you. And don't worry, the right one is out there!

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