How to Manage a Long Commute to College

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How to Manage a Long Commute to College

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For most people, the ideal college experience involves living on campus. That isn't for everyone, though. You might want to stay living in your hometown while attending college, for example, or you might not be able to afford to live near the college. For whatever reason, it isn't uncommon to end up a drive away from your chosen place of education. 

Getting to and from a college far away can prove tedious, especially when you figure most other students use that time for studying or sleeping. There are ways to make the journey easier, though. Here's how to manage a long commute to college. 

Invest in a Better Car 

What you drive will impact how smooth your journey is. You want a roomy vehicle with high mileage to get you to and from college each day as quickly as possible. Invest in a car that accommodates this and then keep up with its maintenance. 

You might even consider investing in a truck. There are used pickups that are perfect for the frequent traveler, allowing you to travel to and from college with whatever items you need in the back. It's always nice to have more space! 

Leave for Class Early 

You will only add to commute stress if you don't set off on time. It's always better to leave earlier, as it will account for traffic jams and spontaneous stops for breakfast or coffee. Plus, it means you'll get to class a little earlier, allowing you to decompress from the drive before learning. You might even meet up with some college friends beforehand. 

As well as leaving early, consider staying at the college after your class finishes. This will give you the chance to socialize, study in the library, or hunt down professors for some academic questions. 

Consider Online Learning 

If you are not yet attending college, consider doing an online learning course instead of commuting every day. While this option isn't for everyone, it will help you save time and money. Many online courses are just as good as the traditional in-person ones. 

Stay the Night After a Late Class

You might not be able to live on campus, but that doesn't mean you can't rent out a room or stay at a friends' place from time to time. If you have a very late class, meeting, or study group session one day, consider staying overnight to reduce the stress of driving all the way home. Often, colleges have rooms that distant students can book for a night or two. Not only will this help alleviate commute stress, but it will also give you more opportunities to socialize with your college friends

Listen to Audiobooks on the Drive 

Who says you can't study on your commute? While you can't read while driving, you can certainly listen to audiobooks. It's a great way of getting through your reading list, and you will show up to class as prepared as anyone else. 

Commuting to college might be stressful at times, but it should never compromise your education. Follow this advice for an easier commute to your college, no matter how long the drive is.

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