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Why You Should Use Eco Friendly Cleaning Products


Why You Should Use Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

(Photo : Image by Simon Kadula from Pixabay )

Whilst it may be easy and convenient when in the store to pick up the cheaper cleaning products off the shelf, many of these items are not actually good for you, your property, or the environment - even if they do happen to clean quite well. An alternative to these are earth cleaning products that do not contain any nasty chemicals and are much more eco friendly.

Some of the advantages of using these types of cleaning products when sprucing up your home are listed below.

They contain less chemicals

The vast majority of cleaning products that you buy from the store contain potentially harmful chemicals, such as nonoxynols, chlorine, phthalates, ammonia etc. When using cleaning products that contain these chemicals, they inevitably leave some residue behind on the surfaces that they were used on, as well as leaving fumes in the air that are likely to be breathed in. Although these chemicals have been deemed safe by the powers that be, there still remains much concern about their long term use and exposure to them. This is not something that you have to worry about with eco friendly cleaning products, as they do not contain any of these chemicals.

They are equally as efficient

Studies have been done which show that eco friendly cleaning products are just as efficient at cleaning surfaces as what traditional cleaning products are that you can buy from the store and contain lots of different chemicals. As well as being just as good at what they do, because they contain less harmful chemicals, eco friendly cleaning products are kinder to your skin and so are less likely to cause any sort of irritation to it. They also do not kill the healthy bacteria that exists within the home, which is good for allowing you to build up a strong immune system.

They are good for the planet

Eco friendly cleaning products are much better for the planet and everything that lives on it than the store bought stuff that is full of chemicals. This is because these chemicals eventually make their way into water systems and into the soil, thus damaging the plants and animals that either grow or feed off these. When using eco friendly cleaning products that are not full of harmful chemicals, this will not happen as the chemicals in them are biodegradable.

People prefer fewer chemicals

If you happen to rent out your home via websites such as Home Away or Air B&B, then the guests staying at the property will be very thankful that you use eco friendly cleaning products rather than those with lots of potentially harmful chemicals in them. This is because people are becoming increasingly concerned about the chemicals that they are exposed to in their everyday lives. It may even get you some positive reviews and, thus, even more listings.

It is clear to see then that there are a number of different reasons why you should use eco friendly cleaning products in your home.

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