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Managed Print Services for Schools - The Ultimate Guide


Managed Print Services for Schools – The Ultimate Guide

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Pandemic has affected many industries, including educational institutions. Most countries have undergone a lockdown. This forced educators and administrators to switch attention to the online schooling model. But things are turning positive, and everything is getting back to normal.

Over time, schools have implemented essential processes and systems. One of the highly recognized options is managed print services. Those institutions that have implemented managed print services for schools save money, time, and future headaches. This also helps educators to focus their attention on what matters most, thus, ensuring their students are safe and learning.

In addition, an excellent managed print service is beyond print management. It will add valuable features enabling educators and students to print safely, responsibly, and efficiently. The institutions that have partnered with reliable managed print services providers save time and money - yet, they don't sacrifice productivity. An added advantage is that managed print services providers also offer institutions easy access, secure, and reliable print environment for students.

How Managed Print Services Should Look In Schools

The first focus for every educator is facilitating learning. That means that they should be fully equipped with technology and tools that help them in their tasks. Educators' valuable time is usually lost while experiencing printing problems, thus declines in education quality. This and other challenges related to printing leave the students disadvantaged.

On the other hand, a comprehensive print management system provides schools a secure print environment that grants greater accessibility.

That said, some key elements and features make excellent print management services. Some of these features include:

  • Easy-to-use Dashboard

The required kind of dashboard should be intuitive and easy for administrators to repair equipment and maintain schedules. This will be easier even for larger learning institutions.

  • Free On-Site Trial Implementation

Hiring an experienced print management solution will install and test essential features on-site. This leaves the customers satisfied.

  • Print Policy Management & Rules-Based Routing

The tools will shape the printing environment depending on the user's behavior. For example, an institution can implement an eco-friendly printing policy. This will encourage users to be responsible for their printing habits. Therefore, they will discourage users from making unnecessary prints such as web pages or emails.

  • Find-Me Printing

This is an essential feature that allows institutions to deliver logically named print queues to students and staff. It is a sign of confidence that the print job is securely printed.

  • Touchless Release

During this post-pandemic times, organizations have to limit physical touchpoints in the environment. With the touchless release, staff members can conveniently walk to the printer and use their phones to scan their QR codes. That enables them to see print jobs available in their print system.

  • Mobile print

Mobile print is secure and easy for you to print remotely. If not, you can also print when outside the network through the internet.

  • Print Deploy

IT experts in school institutions receive a consultation to help implement the correct print drivers in the queues and at the right time. This will help minimize the printer deployment time.

Why management print services for schools?

There are many advantages to those education systems that will partner with managed print services. These institutions have to implement custom print management solutions with numerous benefits.

Let us explore some of these benefits.

Data Security

Education institutions will get data protection that helps prevent exposure of crucial information. The highly protected information in these institutions includes the FERPA K-12 student information.

Security features accompanying print management services include watermarks, end-to-end encryption, digital signatures and others.

Reduce costs and wastes

Seeking a print management solution helps schools receive a fixed monthly bill. This makes it easy to budget planning and forecasting print costs. Schools will therefore reduce unnecessary wastes through eco-friendly print policies like black and white printing.

  • Greater Accessibility

Teachers, IT staff, and students can get innovative technology without sacrificing accessibility and usability with the right managed print services. Those schools having multiple locations can print their documents anywhere through the network for maximum productivity and accessibility.

  • Serverless Printing Infrastructure Transition

Those schools that leverage managed print services will have to initiate their transitions to serverless printing. This helps eliminate expensive and unnecessary server costs. That's because servers are less essential since most educational institutions are moving to a hybrid environment such that some segment of the student population will be at home.


Every education institution aiming to get managed print services benefits with improved accessibility, reduced costs, data security and maximum productivity. This is only experienced by hiring a reliable service provider company. 

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