Why Attend University of Phoenix?

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Why Attend University of Phoenix?

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 University of Phoenix has been a pioneer in the field of education for over 40 years. With courses and offerings tailored to busy, working adults and easy, hassle-free access to classes and learning material, the University is redefining what it means to obtain advanced certificates, degrees and a higher education. The University's lifelong career services, professional networks, world-renowned faculty and opportunities to save credits and shorten the time to graduation also make it an attractive option for those looking to advance personally and professionally. Read on to learn more about the University's offerings and why enrolling at University of Phoenix may be right for you.

University of Phoenix strives to provide better access to higher education opportunities to learners of all types. With a relentless focus on helping learners develop the industry-relevant skills required to succeed in today's rapidly changing workplace, the University helps individuals including first-time college students, working professionals, parents and military personnel work toward their personal and professional goals.

The University's program offerings, financial aid packages, student resources, faculty and instructional design are built to:

-          Improve student learning via context-based instruction

-          Impart industry-relevant skills and knowledge for a wide range of fields

-          Improve the communication, analysis and teamwork skills of students

-          Facilitate effective learning using technology to make class scheduling and resource access as seamless as possible to learners all over the world

-          Reduce the barriers to enrollment such as getting help with child care, learning how to improve work-life balance and applying for financial aid opportunities using the Life Resource Center.

University of Phoenix facilitates these objectives by offering the following:

-          Flexible class scheduling so students can work and study at their own pace and complete course requirements at their convenience

-          Financial tools such as a tuition and fees calculator and iGrad program that help with financial planning and tax deductions

-          Unrestricted access to academic support, tutoring services, math and writing labs and workshops for a wide range of personal and professional skills

-          Professional networking opportunities that can help students and graduates connect with industry peers and others with shared interests

-          Rich program offerings including collaborations with professional organizations that ensure course relevance to industrial needs and the opportunity to showcase student abilities with professional examinations

In the sections below, we explore many of the University's offerings in depth and how they can benefit both current and prospective students.

Program Offerings

Degree programs and certificates are designed to help University of Phoenix learners advance professionally while giving them the time and flexibility they need to manage their busy personal and professional lives.

Many people postpone the pursuit of their educational goals due to a lack of viable options. With traditional in-person courses and no way to balance attendance with in-person employment, office work typically wins out at the expense of academic goals.

Thanks to flexible and customizable program offerings designed for busy, working adults, University of Phoenix can make it easy for students to continue working full time and with enough time to pursue a new degree program, certificate or diploma. The University provides these in a wide range of subjects and interest areas, making it easier than ever for students to find and enroll in courses of interest to make progress in their careers.

A small sample of the degree and certificate programs available at University of Phoenix includes:

-          Business: Accounting, Business Administration, Business Management, Communications, Analytics, Entrepreneurship and Financial Planning

-          Criminal Justice: Criminal Justice Administration, Public Administration and Security Management

-          Education:Early Childhood Education, Elementary Teacher Education, Education Leadership and Educational Technology

-          Healthcare: Health Administration, Health Management, Health Information Systems and Health Care Informatics

-          Technology: Computer Science, Cybersecurity, Information Technology, Networking, Forensics, Software Development and Cloud Computing

In addition, the University offers a wide range of online certificate programs designed for professionals who want to stay up-to-date in their fields. Many University of Phoenix certificates align closely with the requirements of established organizations. Students who obtain a certificate can demonstrate their commitment to their field and their ability to perform industry-relevant tasks.

Some of the certificates offered by University of Phoenix include:

-          Cybersecurity

-          Networking

-          Business Analytics

-          Health Information Systems

-          Healthcare Administration

-          Education Leadership

-          Entrepreneurship

-          Human Resources

-          Marketing

-          Project Management

Renowned Faculty

The instructors on the University's faculty have an average of 26 years of industry experience including more than 13 years of hands-on teaching experience. According to a recent survey, about 85 percent of surveyed University of Phoenix students would recommend their instructors. Classes have a student-teacher ratio of 20:1, making them big enough for active discussions yet small enough to promote personalized learning from peers and teachers.

This student-faculty ratio also ensures that students receive the personalized attention they need to succeed. Since many instructors are industry professionals, they help connect classroom learning to real-life business challenges. Every instructor undergoes thorough and careful vetting before they join the University of Phoenix team. They act as facilitators of learning and help students understand course content so that learners can develop academic and professional excellence.

For FY2019, amongst the University's faculty members were:

●        2,138 Directors

●        864 Presidents

●        263 Chief Executive Officers

●        203 Executive Directors

●        199 Vice Presidents

●        118 Principals

●        96 Chief Financial Officers

●        79 Clinical Directors

●        62 Directors of Nursing

●        42 Educational Specialists

●        27 Chief Information Officers

●        20 District Attorneys

●        14 Chiefs of Police

The breadth and depth of our faculty's real-world experience helps them better prepare our students with industry-relevant skills and expertise - the kinds needed to thrive once they enter or reenter the workforce.

Maximize Time Value at University of Phoenix

Here are additional reasons completing a degree program or certificate from University of Phoenix can help students maximize the value of their time:

-          Quickly and easily find the perfect program to match career interests using the University's program finder.

-          Earn a degree, diploma or certificate from an accredited university. University of Phoenix is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (

-          Access classroom materials and resources any time, anywhere, with online classes.

-          Use professional work performed at any of 3,000+ organizations to apply for course credit or enroll in classes at subsidized rates.

-          Apply for scholarships and work opportunities based on experience, personal background and area of study.

-          Use work experience or apply to have relevant life experiences count as course credits.

-          Enroll in any one of up to 18 start dates offered per year.

-          Enjoy hassle-free access to educational resources, tutoring, productivity workshops, student organizations, career services and networking while studying and even after graduation, for life.

PLA Credits, Fee Concessions and Tuition Help

Paying for an education is a real challenge for many people, and University of Phoenix knows that completing coursework, graduating and landing a new job (or advancing in a current role) are all part of the higher education journey. While studying, students must also make ends meet, find time for family, manage multiple responsibilities at work and home and pay tuition.

To that end, University of Phoenix provides course credits based on work experience for many students. Using the Prior Learning Assessment (PLA), students can convert their on-the-job training, professional certifications, military service and other applicable work experiences into course credit. Relevant life skills such as communication, stress management, physical education experience, martial arts expertise, and more can also be counted as course credits.

For every three credits that a student earns through the PLA, they can graduate five weeks earlier. Three PLA credits also save, on average, about $1,200 in tuition. Some work experiences count for even more than three credits, with some professional experiences worth as much as 12 credits. Students can build a custom PLA plan by speaking with an enrollment representative to ensure they get as much credit for the skills, knowledge and expertise they possess as possible.


University of Phoenix graduates complete their degree program with an accredited university that meets the quality standards demanded by institutions operating in higher education.

Programmatic accreditation for specific programs based on curricula ensures relevancy with professional practice. Some of the programs that include courses with programmatic accreditation status include:

-          Business Accreditation by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP)

-          Healthcare Accreditation by the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education (CAHME)

-          Nursing Accreditation by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education

-          Counseling Accreditation by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP)

-          Education Accreditation by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE)

Licensures and Affiliations

In addition to the above, University of Phoenix maintains voluntary memberships with many professional organizations including:

-          American Council on Education

-          Council for Higher Education Accreditation

-          Manufacturing Institute

-          Project Management Institute

-          FBI National Academy Associates

-          Association for Computing Machinery

-          Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

-          American College of Healthcare Executives Higher Education Network

-          Center for Credentialing and Education

-          Council for Standards in Human Services Education

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

DEI initiatives are a big part of how University of Phoenix operates. The University enrolled over 87,000 students in 2019, and they come from all walks of life with many from communities and families sometimes overlooked or underserved by traditional higher education institutions.

Most University of Phoenix students are first-generation college students. These driven individuals are determined to achieve their personal and professional success through education and hard work. Many are working adults over the age of 30 who have work and family responsibilities that they must manage while studying and completing course requirements. In 2019, two-thirds of the student body were female, and the average student age was 37. Over 55% reported as ehtnic minorities, almost 60% were first-generation college students, and over 65% had dependents. Almost 70% were also employed while in school.

The size and diverse backgrounds of the student population highlight not just the University's vital role in improving access to higher education but also the University's overall strength stemming from different life experiences, skills and viewpoints.

Retention and Graduation Rates

University of Phoenix's institutional retention and graduation rates are higher than the average of institutions included in the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) published by the U.S. Department of Education. University administrators understand the difficulty of juggling family, work, community and life responsibilities and that students can succeed if given the tools and resources required to do so. With a relentless focus on improving student outcomes and helping students overcome the obstacles to enrollment, maintaining good status and graduating, University of Phoenix makes it easier than ever for students to succeed where it matters most.

Data-Driven Excellence in Learning

To graduate, University of Phoenix students must demonstrate proficiency in five University Learning Goals (ULGs). In 2019, the University's faculty used signature assignment rubrics to capture 135,000 ratings of student work to help shape curriculum, instruction, and support. Over 80 percent of all students either met or exceeded their ULG expectations for professional competence and values, critical thinking/problem solving, communication, information utilization, and collaboration.

Additional Resources

University of Phoenix invests heavily in resources and initiatives that can improve student experiences, retention rates and educational success. Some of the more popular programs and initiatives are outlined below.

●        Using predictive analytics for academic resource usage by students, performance on assignments, attendance rates and time spent in online classrooms helps teachers and academic advisors identify and help struggling and/or at-risk students.

●        Tutoring services such as Live Labs (synchronous study environments), Facebook study sessions and one-on-one tutoring sessions can provide those who need additional instruction with the help they need to succeed.

●        Workshops on math, language skills, resume and cover letter writing, time management and financial literacy (using iGrad®) help students develop real-world, industry-relevant skills.

●        Phoenix for Life and the Life Resource Center provide students and graduates with lifetime access to career growth and life-coaching services in areas such as well-being, health, housing, time management, childcare, eldercare and relocation.

●        eBook collections and hundreds of other online learning resources provide additional support for students across programs.

●        The opportunity to work with virtual organizations that simulate real-life situations can help students join or rejoin the workforce with hands-on knowledge of problem solving.

Join University of Phoenix Today

University of Phoenix is on a mission to provide everyone with the access to the higher education they need to achieve their personal and professional goals. To do this, the University facilitates effective learning, promoting the use of that knowledge in the workplace and developing proficiency in communication, critical thinking, collaboration, technology and collaboration.

Learn more about how University of Phoenix can help you personally and professionally by visiting

About University of Phoenix

Since it was founded in 1976, University of Phoenix has remained as committed as ever to providing adults with the higher education they need to meet the changing needs of an ever-evolving workplace.

With an innovative approach to education, courses that are taught by experienced subject-matter experts and flexible scheduling, the University is redefining what it means to complete associate, bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees programs and certificates.

University of Phoenix aims to improve the lives of students via access to quality education, educational support and a wide range of learning resources. These include career services, an online library and writing and math labs that help students succeed and thrive in everything they do.

By expediting personal, professional and educational success, University of Phoenix is working for a better tomorrow. Learn more about the University and explore programs and opportunities at

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