Scholarships to Study in the USA for Indian Students

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Scholarships to Study in the USA for Indian Students

Many of us don't even consider the USA when considering countries for studying abroad? Subconsciously we assume that it is unaffordable and only Indian students belonging to affluent families can afford it! Looking in the USA, whether planning for an undergraduate or postgraduate can be affordably provided, you plan to apply to various scholarships available for Indian students being international students in the USA. Various American universities and colleges offer these scholarships. However, they are not open all around the year. There is a specific time limit for its application. You need to apply within those timelines to gain benefit. Your Study Abroad Consultants can help you with the process.

These scholarships offered by USA universities and colleges are based on merit to help Indian students fund their tuition fees that can cover either partially or fully. This funding and financial aid through the scholarships applied for varies depending on the criteria, course, and the university/college. However, there are scholarships offered by American Government and private institutions too that you can apply for.

What are the different kinds of scholarships for Indian students to study in the USA?

There are two kinds of scholarships available:

  • Full: Here, the scholarship pays for the international student's full tuition fee, living expenditure, and other expenses like books, etc.
  • Partial: Here, the scholarship pays only for the tuition fee of the college or university. It could also not be the total fees.

The scholarships can provide what amount of money?

Well, this is quite a vast question that will have varied answers simply because every scholarship, whether offered by a university, private institution, or American Government, is entirely different from each other. They are different because they are based on various criteria like percentage of scholarship, weightage to different kinds of student parameters, etc. However, the scholarships can go up to cover 100% of your tuition fees and even a part of your living expense based on your merit!

Another essential aspect that you should remember is facing higher competition if you apply for American Government scholarships compared to private university scholarships. So what is important to note is to apply for both and well in advance!

List of Scholarships in the USA for Indian Students:

1. Fulbright- Nehru Research Fellowship (Government-funded)

The Fulbright- Nehru Research is offered to Indian students who are outstanding academically and wish to study at an accredited USA institution and selected colleges and universities in the USA.

The areas of study for which this scholarship is awarded include:

  • Arts and Culture Management, International Legal Studies, Environmental Science/Studies; Higher Education Administration, Urban and Regional Planning Public Administration, Public Health, and Women's Studies/Gender Studies.

More Details:

  • This scholarship is for Indian students who are applying to masters or Ph.D. programs.
  • The scholarship covers tuition fees, accident and sickness coverage, airfare, and living costs as per US guidelines.
  • The student will be entitled to receive a monthly stipend to support your course in case of a Ph.D.
  • The scholarship covers only J-1 visa and round trip economy class air travel.

2. Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program-(Government-funded)

The Hubert H. Humphrey Fellow Programme is a part of the Fulbright program. This program allows young and mid-level career professionals from developing countries to pursue a non-degree graduate study and related practical professional experience in the USA for 10 months.

The areas of study for which this scholarship is awarded include:

Agricultural and Rural Development; Human Resource, Management, Communications/Journalism, HIV/AIDS Policy and Prevention; Economic Development; Educational Administration, Finance and Banking; Planning and Policy; Higher Education Administration; Law and Human Rights; Natural Resources, Teaching of English as a Foreign Language, Trafficking in Persons, Public Health Policy and Management; Treatment and Prevention; Substance Abuse Education, Technology Policy and Management; Policy, and Prevention; Public Policy Analysis and Public Administration, Urban and Regional Planning, and Environmental Policy, and Climate Change.

More Details:

  • It also includes Long-Term English (LTE) language training. It is a new inclusion for students belonging to rural or non-elite strata of the society who requires training in their language skills but are excellent in their field of work.
  • LTE participant undergoes an intensive 20-25-week pre-academic training to improve their language skills
  • It covers your tuition fees, monthly maintenance allowance, living expense, airfare, professional expenses.

3. Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholarship

The Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholarship is granted for study related to high-impact and sustainable outcomes in six areas of focus:

  • Peace and conflict prevention/resolution
  • Water and sanitation
  • Maternal and child health
  • Basic education and literacy
  • Economic and community development
  • Disease prevention and treatment

More Details:

  • The Scholarship Amount can vary between USD 15,000 to USD 30,000.
  • When you choose your activities, choose those focused on sustainability, the environment, and the community.
  • The global grants need to be sponsored by two Rotary clubs, the host country where the student is from and the US where the student is going.

4. Akhtarali H. Tobaccowala Fellowship

The fellowship was formulated in the memory of Akhtarali H. Tobaccowala, who was a 1952 graduate of the Booth school.

The areas of study for which this scholarship is awarded include:

  • It is for students willing to study the full-time MBA program at Booth school.

More Details:

  • It offers tuition fee support.
  • There are two scholarships offered.
  • The amount of scholarship is USD 25,000

5. Tata Scholarships for Cornell University

The Tata Education and Development Trust Has given a $25 million endowment to Cornell University to offer financial aid to the underprivileged based on merit for Indian students.

The areas of study for which this scholarship is awarded include:

  • Any undergraduate program at Cornell university

More details:

  • There are 20 scholarships offered.

6. The Indian Trust Fellowship

The scholarship is given to students aspiring to study at the Booth School of Business in Chicago.

The area of study for which this scholarship is awarded includes:

  • This scholarship is applicable for doing a full-time MBA program at Booth School of Business in Chicago.

More Details:

  • A total of 2 scholarships are awarded to Indian students.
  • The total amount given for the scholarship is USD 10,000
  • Applicants have to showcase academic excellence, leadership qualities, and extracurricular achievements to secure this scholarship.
  • Students living or working in India when applying to Booth school are eligible.

7. Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowships for Indian Students

Reliance Industries and Stanford GSB have developed the Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowships for Indian Students to study at the Stanford Graduate Business School.

The area of study for which this scholarship is awarded includes:

  • The scholarship is offered for studying the 2 year MBA program at Stanford Graduate Business School.

More Details:

  • A total of 5 scholarships is awarded.
  • The scholarship amount is a total of USD 150,000.
  • The students are expected to return to India and work for an Indian organization within two years of completing their MBA.

8. Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation Scholarships

The Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation Scholarships are awarded to students who show outstanding talent in their field of choice and wish to study in North America or Europe.

The area of study for which this scholarship is awarded includes:

  • This scholarship applies to Engineering, Computer Science, Business Studies, Medicine, Public Health, Fashion Design, Music, and Film Animation fields of study.

More Details:

  • The scholarship amount is around USD 100,000
  • If the total amount required that includes tuition, one-way travel, and living expenses, is more than US$100,000. The student, during their interview, needs to give proof that they will be able to cover the balance expenses after the scholarship amount.
  • Accepting any other scholarship, teaching assistantships, and part-time jobs is subject to the Foundation's approval.

9. American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarship

The AU Emerging Global Leader Scholarship (AU EGL) is provided to students who display high performance to study for their bachelor's degree in the USA. The American University, Washington DC, offers it.

The area of study for which this scholarship is awarded includes:

  • Well, students with this scholarship can study any field of their choice.

More Details:

  • Students must be active participants in civic and social activities. It is aimed at students who plan to improve the under-resourced and underserved communities back in their home country.
  • The number of scholarships offered is only 1.
  • This scholarship covers all expenses like total tuition fees, living, and boarding. The scholarship does not cover expenses like the cost of books, airfare, and health insurance.
  • This scholarship is renewable for a total of four years of undergraduate study. However, it is based on the continued satisfaction and academic performance of the student.

10. #You Are Welcome Here Scholarship-(Non-Government scholarship)

This scholarship is offered to international students in the US higher education system irrespective of the subject area.

More Details:

  • A mandatory requirement is that the student either prepare an essay or video to showcase your interest to promote intercultural exchange activities. It should also talk about the leadership skills that you wish to showcase when you join the university.
  • This scholarship gives two annual and renewable scholarships.
  • The scholarship covers 50% of tuition fees to enroll in the selected international undergraduate program.

11. IEFA-(Non-Government scholarship)

Abbey Road Inc sponsors this scholarship.

More Details

  • Abbey Road Inc offers this scholarship.
  • To grant this scholarship, they are looking out for international students aged between 14-18 years who exhibit superb performance in academics and extracurricular activities.
  • It offers five $1,000 student scholarships every year.

12. AAUW International Fellowships-(Non-Government scholarship)

This scholarship is for only international women to pursue their undergraduate or postgraduate studies in the USA.

More Details:

  • An international student applying for Master's degree gets a scholarship of $5,000-$18,000
  • An international student applying for graduate or postdoctoral gets a scholarship of $18,000-$30,000
  • A total of up to five International Fellowships are offered.

As you can see, there are multiple choices of scholarships for Indian students who wish to study in the USA. However, these scholarships are primarily based on the student's academic ability and performance through the years. The key is to apply in time and give it your best to showcase your academic performance, personality, area of interest, and why you are the right pick for the scholarship.

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