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7 Freelance Jobs for Students to Earn Extra Money with no Required Experience


7 Freelance Jobs for Students to Earn Extra Money with no Required Experience

Photo : 7 Freelance Jobs for Students to Earn Extra Money with no Required Experience

College life is a mix of hardships and great experiences. One of the main reasons why it is hard is the tuition and living expenses. It's even more complicated if your parents are not wealthy because you have to accept the given allowance and budget to last longer. Aside from budgeting the money, you have to get a part-time job to manage the everyday expenditures and save up for the next semester. While it is good and reassuring to get a part-time job, it only gives you a minimal salary and can easily exhaust you physically. But, Assignment Partner pros are here to tell you that there are better opportunities online. Most of the jobs we'll review here do not require experience and pay better for working flexible hours in the comfort of your apartment.

These freelancing jobs can become your sideline work to allow you more financial freedom and help you sustain yourself as a student until you graduate. 

Jobs for College Students With No Experience

1. Transcriber

Transcribing is a good source of money. It requires you to convert conversations, speeches, audio, and presentations into text. All you have to do is listen attentively and write the exact words and expressions and indicate who the speaker is. Although it is a basic job, you have to be knowledgeable in spelling, punctuation, and various writing formats. The employer will instruct you with more details; just follow them and make the material understandable and readable.

2. Essay Writer

Many people need essay writers for different reasons, but often these services will be used by fellow students struggling to write their own homework. They will give you the topic, the deadline, and the format. What's impressive about this online job is that you can write as much as you want, as long as you deliver it on time. Thus, you can earn more and charge more money if you give excellent content to satisfied students. 

3. Data Entry

It is an easy job that will require students to input information into the required software or platform. Companies hire freelancers to do it because it would take unreasonably much time of the office staff. The job is repetitive and frequently dull, but if you are a fast typer and have attention to detail, then this freelance job is for you. Furthermore, this job would require you to convert files and sort out millions of details. Aside from your writing and computer skills, you'll definitely need more patience.

4. Content Writer

It will be a good freelance job for university students who have a degree in Literature or English. At this job, you'll be able to practice all forms of content writing and get insights from your employer. Overall, anyone can succeed in this job, as long as they are diligent enough to seek information and have the integrity not to plagiarize ideas or content. 

5. Online Teaching

It's time to use your knowledge and teach children and high school students math and other subjects. Another thing is sharing your passion for art, music, or languages by teaching them online. It could be a good source of money and an excellent way to hone your expertise through teaching others.

6. Social Media Manager

Are you the type of person that loves social media? If you are, then make use of that time handling other people's business and personal accounts. In this job, you'll need to publish social posts and engage with people so that they get more interested in your employer's product or services. Social media management also includes strategic planning of responses and the composition of persuasive posts targeting a specific audience. 

7. Application and Software Tester

If you love to give opinions, you can work with companies that want to receive honest reviews. You don't have to be knowledgeable in that application or software because they wanted to know if it is user-friendly or not. In most cases, you have to answer questions and provide suggestions. 

The jobs for college students with no experience will surely support you financially as you can try to perform multiple tasks simultaneously. Thus, you aren't limited to one job because you'll earn more if you try all of these as long as you have time and do not compromise your studies.

Where to Find Online Jobs for College Students? 

There are a lot of websites that offer online jobs for College Students. Apply for one of these sites and start your journey of providing for yourself while still in college.

  1. Write Essay For Me Online hires students that are good at essay writing.

  2. Upwork suits students looking for jobs in content writing, data entry, transcribing, and many more freelancing options.

  3. Rev is a website that offers online jobs for college students in terms of transcribing and translating.

  4. Udemy and Skillshare are platforms where you can teach your talents, knowledge, and expertise online. You'll have to create a class and make it as informative as possible to get a good review.

  5. Envato and Teepublic are websites for college students that can sell and showcase their art and creativity.

Students with no Experience Can Earn a Living 

Stop doubting yourself just because you are a student and do not have enough experience. Go out and explore the opportunities online because there is so much you can do as long as you have the confidence and faith in yourself. Our list of online jobs can help you determine which path to take and where to begin. All you need is a bit of perseverance and talent; the rest will depend on your communication skills, how well you keep the loyal clients, and how you incorporate the obtained feedback to improve the quality of your work.  

Besides, it's vital to be equipped with the tools and materials a student freelancer needs. The freelancer toolkit includes a well-functioning laptop, fast internet connection, headphones, and a microphone. With determination and hard work, students with no experience can earn big money and graduate to become professionals someday. 

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