How PrinterLogic Simplifies Distance Learning and K-12 Print Management

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How PrinterLogic Simplifies Distance Learning and K–12 Print Management

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With the chaos of the Covid-19 pandemic, distance learning has become a more common occurrence. Sudden and unplanned shifts to online learning showcase weakness in IT systems. Unfortunately, it took these sudden shifts to reveal that many K-12 programs didn't have the best resources to support virtual classrooms optimally. 

At first, many believed infrastructure was the problem and that by implementing hardware and software systems faster, they could solve their remote model issues. However, all this did was force school districts to fork over substantial amounts of money and realize they still didn't have proper support. Many of these systems require specialized staff, which was still lacking even after integral software systems were operating. 

Now, as many individuals return to in-person learning, print management has arisen as a new concern. There is growing adoption of secure print policies, making it even harder to approach print management flawlessly. Google Cloud Print is now officially deprecated, while Covid-19 precautions are still being used in many school districts. As a result, large school systems struggle to maintain basic print capabilities in a user-friendly and secure manner. 

In contrast, other schools have tossed aside remote platforms they relied on during the pandemic as they return to fully integrated in-person learning. With different approaches to the same topic, print management has to adapt to both the needs of in-person and virtual learning systems simultaneously. As a result, the ideal print management system would allow for reduced infrastructure that will enable users to print from anywhere as needed.

PrinterLogic: More Precise Features with Less Infrastructure

PrinterLogic's serverless printing solution eliminates print servers. To do so, it uses direct IP printing instead of a server system. As a result, it's easier to reduce the IT infrastructure required to support printing solutions. Users can now quickly connect to printers instead of routing through connections that might be faulty. This method's more straightforward infrastructure keeps costs low and is more user-friendly for individuals of all ages. 

Other Added Bonuses

Additionally, there are numerous bonuses with the PrinterLogic model's serverless system. Not only is your IT infrastructure's footprint diminished, but you also receive the added incentives of security, reliability, and ease of administration. Printing is simpler than ever with a serverless printing system from PrinterLogic. 

For one thing, print management becomes more centralized. School administration can now oversee and manage all printers and review printing behavior instantly. They can also obtain granular control over staff and teacher printing and students without custom scripts. 

One of the best bonuses is that serverless printing allows support for many devices. In our modern school system, students might use any of the following devices regularly: Chromebooks, tablets, iPads, cellular devices, and laptops. Because PrinterLogic offers seamless support for all mobile devices, users can integrate all clients into their print environment. Anyone authorized can print from anywhere at any time as needed. 

Low costs are also a significant aspect of why PrinterLogic is a solid option for the educational system. With the constant shifting of educational funding and new funding cuts due to the pandemic, money within the school system was always tight. Printer Logic can offer educational institutes a reasonably-priced investment with a quick return on investment for administrators. 

Added security is one of the biggest bonuses of serverless printing with PrinterLogic systems. Secure release printing features, for instance, allow staff to print essential and sensitive documents such as records conveniently and safely. Any network can be adapted to add the secure release printing feature. 

Your Choice of PrinterLogic SaaS or Virtual Appliance

Having choices on how you wish to customize your printing system is critical. PrinterLogic offers two separate configurations with the same powerful solution. One chooses to eliminate their traditional print server systems and might take a different approach for each school organization. Choices include SaaS or Virtual Appliance approaches. 

The Virtual Appliance system is quite versatile and rich in contrast with its counterpart SaaS. It is highly secure, print-friendly, supports all mobile devices, and is currently unrivaled in print management software. It is self-hosted in contrast to SaaS systems. It uses an on=prem designed system for IT individuals who want more control over their databases and upgrade cycles. 

On the other hand, PrinterLogic's SaaS is excellent for school organizations wishing to reduce infrastructure in a cloud-based solution. For school districts overseeing multiple and unique printing needs, this is the optimal approach. It holds the inherent advantages of AWS0 hosted SaaS solutions. For these reasons, it is ideal for online and distance learning systems or any systems where admins seek Google Cloud Print alternatives. To learn even more about the difference between these two approaches, you can consult this handy overview. 

Further Resources for K-12 IT Admins

K-12 education systems were thrown a curveball with the Covid-19 outbreak. These new challenges allowed admins to realize weaknesses and improve the way their IT infrastructure operated. As a result, they could streamline the approach, reduce IT infrastructure, and provide more reliable printing to school systems everywhere. 

Regardless of the nature of learning systems - in-person or virtual - printing is easier than ever before. Now we have developed a more scalable, cost-effective, and secure platform for the future. You can learn more by reviewing our "K-12 Classroom Secrets" white paper. It goes into further detail about the specific needs of K-12 environments and how PrinterLogic addresses each of them.

For those interested in diving deeper into resources that cover admin charged with overseeing Chromebook fleets, you can review these sources that explain how the PrinterLogic Chrome OS extension uses driverless, serverless technologies to make Chromebook printing and print management more accessible than ever.

Are you interested in eliminating all of your print servers?

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