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Here's What to Know Before You Buy Your First Motorcycle


Here's What to Know Before You Buy Your First Motorcycle

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Are you planning to purchase a motorcycle? If yes, you should know that the type of riding is entirely different as compared to driving a car. Some of the factors to consider include the amount you're willing to spend and whether you want to acquire a new or used bike. 

The following tips will come in handy as you purchase your first motorcycle:

Safety and Insurance

As you ride the motorcycle, you're exposed. As a result, you should always consider your safety as a rider. For starters, you can enroll in a safety course. Such courses come in handy such that you'll get to guarantee your safety and that of others.

In some states, you're supposed to have an insurance policy if you own a motorcycle. Regardless of whether or not you're a safe driver, accidents cannot be avoided in some instances. The main advantage of an insurance policy is that it'll help to cover the medical bills. If the motorcycle gets stolen or damaged, the insurance firm will cater to everything.

Ensure you have read through the insurance policy to learn more about what it covers. Liability insurance policies are common, and they usually cover property damage or bodily injuries. Other types of coverages you should consider getting include medical payments coverage, collision, and comprehensive insurance. 

In states like Colorado, the rise of motorcycle accidents have increased with the increase in population. The state has become one of the top rated places to live in the United States. With the beautiful Rocky Mountains, motorcyclists love riding through pure nature. Safety is even more important  with curvy roads. Be sure to consult a Colorado Car Accident Attorney if you find yourself involved in an accident. 

Determine Which Bike Fits Your Budget and Needs

You should conduct some research about different brands. Learn more about the bike models present in the market. The maintenance factor also matters. The information you get will come in handy such that you'll manage to get the right motorcycle.

After compiling a list of different options, you'll go for the one that suits you best. You can visit one of the showrooms in your locality and ask for a test drive. 

As you search for a bike, some of the factors to consider include:

  • Bike weight: you should consider the weight of the bike since you're the person in control of everything
  • Seat height: the height of the seat is supposed to enable you to place both of your feet on a plat pavement such that you can easily balance the motorcycle when you make a stop
  • Power: A motorcycle that a 500cc capacity or below is suitable for a beginner

Final Thoughts

If you're stuck between purchasing a new and used motorcycle, you should understand that a new motorcycle is more reliable, and it also has a warranty. The only issue is that a new one will cost you more money. For your first motorcycle, consider purchasing a new one.

If you want to purchase a used one, you can liaise with a mechanic and they will inspect the motorcycle to ensure it is in good condition.

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