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5 Things to Do Before Heading Back to Campus


5 Things to Do Before Heading Back to Campus

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It's hard to believe it, but the start of a new school year is just around the corner. Finally, in-person classes are in sight. So now it's time to do everything you can to get the most out of your year.

While it's sad to see summer go, the start of a new year on campus is exciting, too. Hot girl summer is coming to an end, so here's your to-do list to prep for smart girl fall.

1. Get a Clean Bill of Health

During the school year, you'll have a lot on your plate. Between attending class, studying, and extracurricular activities, you'll have very little time to even think about doctor appointments. That's why it's so important to get them out of the way before you head back to school. This means your general practitioner, the dentist, and yes - your lady doctor. Making sure you're in your best physical shape from your GP, that your dentist determines your oral health is fine or you may need teeth straightening or some cavities filled and your gynecologist can take your annual pap smear. 

While it's not always the most pleasant experience, yearly gynecologist appointments are crucial for women of all ages. But squeezing in an appointment can be difficult in the midst of everything else you're trying to get done. Thankfully, you can take care of prescriptions and some medical tests online.

It's easy to order birth control online, or perform at-home STI testing. Both are important if you expect to be sexually active this semester or if you were in the past year. If you're feeling hesitant, remember that there's no reason to be embarrassed for getting tested or seeking treatment. Sexually transmitted infections are very common. And getting tested will give you peace of mind going into the school year.

2. Shop for New School Supplies and Accessories

Going back to school can be super stressful for some. It's great to be reunited with your friends, but tests and essays are less than fun. To get more excited about going back to school, and to feel better prepared, refresh your arsenal of school supplies.

Pick your favorite stores for back-to-school supply shopping, and start making a list. The list of supplies for college students can get extensive. There may be items you don't even realize you need. But it's better to get them all now. Otherwise you might have to go shopping the morning your paper is due because you can't find a stapler.

You should also consider buying items that add a bit of personality to your workspace. Don't be afraid to buy desk decor. You may not think it's essential, but creating a comfortable workspace will help you get into a studying groove. Plus, these goodies can help you get amped up about going back to school. Everyone could use a bit more excitement right now.

3. Refresh Your Wardrobe

Yes, a quality education should be your priority in college. But honestly, having fun, making friends, and school events are all part of the experience. There will be parties and football games and maybe even some dates. And what's more fun than a night out? A night out when your outfit is on point.

You'll definitely need some fresh outfits for all of this semester's social gatherings. But party clothes aren't the only items you'll need. You may need to walk around campus a lot, so invest in sneakers and athleisure, like tank tops and leggings. The better you look, the better you'll feel. The key to a smart girl fall is to remember that dress impacts the way you think.

Make sure you don't blow all of your money on a new wardrobe, though. Remember to watch your spending while you're filling up your closet. Even if you hold a part-time job during the semester, you may want to save the pay for other necessities. Save as much as you can during the summer, so that you can get through the year comfortably.

4. Make a Budget for the School Year

You'll need to keep track of more than just the clothes you buy to make it through the school year. College life is expensive, so you'll want to develop good financial habits. The best way to get started is to create a budget. Make it sooner rather than later for maximum success.

Sure, budgeting as a college student can be difficult, but it can be done. After all, it may be that you have very little income, if any, to pay for your expenses. Creating a budget before you go back to school will help you visualize your finances. You'll be able to see how much you can spend and what your monthly expenses are. This can help you determine whether or not a part-time job will be necessary.

Every student's situation is going to look different. If you live on campus, you'll pay for housing through your school. If you live off campus, you can search for housing that fits your budget. What does your meal plan look like? Can you save by eating at home?

There are so many factors, so consider going to your parents for help creating a realistic budget. Are there any expenses that they plan on covering? Having a conversation will help you plan better for the year.

5. Establish a Workout Routine

If you establish a workout routine now, it'll be easier to stick to it once you're in school. It can take several weeks to form a habit that becomes automatic. If you wait until you get to campus to start working out, you may hardly ever hit the gym.

Create a routine that feels reasonable, so that you'll be able to stick with it when you're really busy. First you should determine what kind of exercise you enjoy. For example, maybe a couple of days of the week can be light cardio. Or maybe you prefer sports. You can even try weight lifting days or core days.

Keep track of your faves, and decide on a good schedule. If you need to ease into it, start with only one or two workouts per week. Then, work your way up to three or four. Find the right balance, and do what feels best to you. Staying active is important for your health, but you should also listen to your body when it needs rest.

Your actions now will affect how your school year goes. A few simple tasks prior to returning to campus will help you feel prepared, organized, and less stressed. Plus, a little bit of shopping is almost never a bad thing. Don't wing it for your first semester back in person. Do it right, and this year has the potential to be amazing. Promise!

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