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How to Become a Pharmacy Tech from the Comfort of Your Home


How to Become a Pharmacy Tech from the Comfort of Your Home

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If helping people live happier, healthier and more active lives is something you're interested in, then becoming a pharmacy technician might just be the right career for you. One of the upsides to choosing this career path is that you can complete your studying in less than a year. So, how exactly can you follow your interests and become a pharmacy technician?

Becoming a Pharmacy Technician

Most people are of the opinion that working in hospitals, pharmacies or any other aspect of the medical or health industry is a serious challenge and is a field limited to only the best students who got the best grades in class. This is not true. 

As a matter of fact, past performance is not a yardstick that can be used to judge how well you will perform in the classes ahead. If you're not interested in spending years studying to become a doctor, physical therapist or nurse, you can choose to be a pharmacy technician. There are a lot of programs which will enable you to get an education in time and immediately begin to work in the medical industry. 

Studying to be a pharmacy technician lasts only about nine months. Immediately you have passed all the necessary certifications and tests, you can start on the journey of a rewarding career. What's more? Due to the current state of the world, online classes have skyrocketed and become more prevalent. It's now a lot easier to take  courses for pharmacy technicians from the comfort of your own home. Steps involved in becoming a pharmacy technician include;

  • Get a certificate in pharmacy tech (Duration: Between 9 and 12 months)

  • Pass the certification examination. 

  • Get a good job working as a pharmacy technician.

Now, let's go ahead and discuss these steps one after the other.

Getting a Certificate in Pharmacy Tech

In order to study pharmacy tech, you're required to possess at least a high school diploma or finish the equivalent learning program. 

It's worth mentioning that in the past, pharmacy technicians did not get much detailed education. They were usually hired as pharmacy aides and trained on the job. However, today, all that is needed is a little post-secondary education. Online programs for studying pharmacy tech are usually offered at community colleges. 

These programs consist of laboratory and classroom courses which teach pharmaceutical and medical terminology; the names of various medications and information about them; the method pharmacies use in making calculations and keeping records as well as different pharmaceutical techniques, ethics and pharmacy law.

A number of these pharmacy tech schools also require that their students obtain hands-on experience by working as an intern. However, this does not stop one from being able to attend an online pharmacy tech school.

Online Pharmacy Tech Program

All across the country and the world at large, online learning has become a very significant tool for students. It has become completely possible and easy to get an associate's degree, certificate, and even a diploma in pharmacy tech without stepping into an actual classroom. 

There are a lot of pharmacy technician schools online which provide the education and training necessary for starting your career in an entirely online format. This method has made studying a whole lot easier than it used to be. It's also perfect for you if you fall into any of the following categories: parents, busy professionals, entrepreneurs, and all kinds of non-traditional part-time students.

Also, the degrees you would acquire from these online programs are already accredited by the major institutions. This means that you will have a highly respected education which is recognized by the prime employers all over the country. Ultimate Medical Academy is one of the top institutes that offer pharmacy technician associate degree online programs.

If you obtain a pharmacy technician certificate from Ultimate Medical Academy, you will be adequately prepared to add your abilities and passion to the ever-developing medical industry and healthcare sector. When you're done with the certificate, you will have to apply to take the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam, one of the most important exams for this career.

Pharmacy tech program involves 30 credit hours of study, paying attention to skills such as medical terminology, algebra and pharmacology. This program is available in its entirety online, and it permits you to study in a manner which best fits your schedule.

Passing the Certification Examination

After you're done with your education, the next thing to do would be to obtain your certification. Some states make it compulsory, however, for a number of others, it's voluntary. There are only two organizations which conduct national certification exams in the United States. They are the National Healthcareer Association (NHA and the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB).

Getting a Good Job

Once you have your license, all that is left is to search for a good job. Hence, it is important to discuss the duties of a pharmacy technician. A pharmacy technician is responsible for the correct organization of pharmacies, such as accurate labeling, storage, and delivery of various medications. 

Pharmacy technicians have to collect patient information, measure and apply labels to the medications, answer phone calls as well as insurance claims which need to be processed, along with numerous other organizational and administrative tasks.

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