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Selling Your Car is Now Convenient with My Car Auction


Selling Your Car is Now Convenient with My Car Auction

Photo : Selling Your Car is Now Convenient with My Car Auction

In the United States, selling used cars can be a lengthy and hectic process. To sell your car, you have to drive it to the dealership to receive a quote. If you're happy with the dealer's offer, you can take it and sell your car. Usually, the amount that is quoted for used cars is nowhere close to the best price and therefore is frustrating for many sellers when it comes to selling their used cars. In most cases, the winner is always the dealer who is able to buy a used car at a much lower price. My Car Auction is a digital platform that is launched especially to make the process of buying and selling cars easier for customers.

The proprietary software used by the company is user-friendly and intuitive. All you have to do is to input a little bit of information about the car on the platform. Within 45 seconds, My Car Auction will send you two quotes. The first price is an estimate by My Car Auction that will allow you to sell your car within 24 hours. The second price is an estimated amount to auction off the car on the platform. You can pay the price to get listed on My Car Auction to take offers from more than 50,000 buyers.

My Car Auction services are absolutely safe and risk-free. They personally visit your place and verify the condition of the vehicle to help you get the best price for your car. After a 10-minute inspection, you are free to drive your car while it is put up for auction. Isn't that a cool way to sell your car? My Car Auction even offers a price match to beat any other quote you have for your car. You are free to choose the option that will be the best for you.

My Car Auction is run by a highly experienced team of three brilliant entrepreneurs, Mark Moshayedi, Ryan Gallagher, and Ray Ashrafi. Mark is the CEO of My Car Auction. He is a serial entrepreneur with several successful ventures in technology, residential real estate, and classic cars. Ryan Gallagher, the COO of My Car Auction is a pro in finance and marketing. He was earlier involved in sales and marketing transactions worth over $16.5 billion. Ray Ashrafi is a veteran with 30 years of experience in the car business. Together they started My Car Auction in 2019 with the goal to create a platform where people can get the best price for their used cars.

The platform has grown exponentially over the last few months. My Car Auction is actively operating in California, Phoenix, and Scottsdale and will be expanding across the country in the next few months.

You can follow My Car Auction on TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram to know more about them. They are highly active on social media where you can get in touch with them to resolve your queries on buying and selling cars on their platform.

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