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How to Buy LED High Bay Lights for Your Warehouse?


How to Buy LED High Bay Lights for Your Warehouse?

(Photo : How to Buy LED High Bay Lights for Your Warehouse?)

You have numerous options to opt from for your house or office lighting solutions. But for your warehouse or garage, or just a big hall room, you would definitely need lights with high lumens. 

Those small and stylish lights or lamps cannot provide sufficient light to cover up the whole space. That's why almost all the warehouses or garages have high bay lights installed. And here, we are talking about the high-quality and modern LED high bay lights, not just any high bay lights. 

As the number of warehouses and godowns is increasing, so are personal and commercial garages. This has led to the popularity of high bay lights in the industrial sector. For any places with high ceilings and, more than necessary large spaces like recreational units and gyms, it is best to use LED High Bay lights for brighter light and better visibility. 

The LED High Bay lighting solution can evenly illuminate the large spaces. If you feel like High Bay lights are too much, you can still choose to use the high intensity and lumens light bulb, like the Lepro LED light bulbs. Although High Bay LED lights have different features than standard LED lights, there are also a few ranges of options available for you in the market. 

Different types of High Bay LED lights are designed in a way to cater to other uses. That's why when you buy these lights, make sure that they fit your use and space. In this post are a few factors that will make your LED High Bay lights purchasing easier. 

Analyze the Layout or Structure of the Space.   

The efficiency of the LED High Bay lights highly depends on the overall structure or layout of the space in question. For example, to light up a not-so-big storage room, a 30 foot-candles High Bay LED light with enough intensity will be required. But, for a big warehouse, you would need an LED High Bay Light with a maximum light intensity of about 50-foot candles. Thus, while you decide on what type of High Bay LED light to buy, you must consider the layout of your industrial or commercial setup to get the right intensity of light. 

Estimate the number of Lumens and Watts of the Light. 

While you are in the process of purchasing LED High Bay lights for your ample space, have the correct analysis of the lumens and watts that the lights are required to fully light up your area appropriately. The light intensity of different watt lights also differs with the size and height of the area installed. So, do calculate the height of the spaces to get the most suitable High Bay LED light. Here is a small demonstration for you- 

  • If the room's height is 10-15 feet, the bulb should produce around 10,000 - 15,000 lumens.

  • If the height of the space is 15-25 feet, the bulb should have about 16,000 - 25,000 lumens.

  • For areas with 25-35 feet of height, the bulb should produce about 26,000 - 35,000 lumens or even more than that. 

Count the total number of Lights needed. 

Most of the High Bay LED lights buyers to purchase these lights in bulk. So, when you buy or order these lighting solutions, keep the accurate number of lights required to efficiently brighten the entire space. 

Fortunately, many popular lighting brands now offer their customers a photometric layout. Through this, you can quickly determine the required number of lights for your space along with adequate spacing measurement between them. This approach can help prevent any unwanted or wrong installation of High Bay lighting fixtures. 

Identify the required Type of High Bay light. 

As mentioned above, although the use of these High Bay LED lights is limited, you can still find them in different designs. This is why you could be confused when buying them. That being said, High Bay LED lights are basically divided into two other categories based on their shape. They are the UFO High Bay Lights and Linear High Bay Lights.

You can get the UFO High Bays for a large warehouse as they can be used in wet places. But if you want superior light coverage for your space, the Linear High Bays will be suitable, as it is more prominent in size than the UFO High Bays. Whichever type of light you choose for your space, ensure that you thoroughly check its reviews and brand, just like the popular Lepro High Bay LED lighting fixture

Selection of Color Temperature. 

Different lights provide different characteristics of light color. This difference is identified by the color temperature of the lights. For instance, a bulb with high color temperature gives off a warm and yellow light, and the one with a low color temperature gives off a calm and blue light. That's why, to light up an ample industrial space with appropriate lighting tone, get the High Bay LED light with more than 5000 Kelvin color temperature.  

Overall, different large setups require different types of LED High Bay Lights.   

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