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The Success Story Behind Pet Accessory Brand Pink Papyrus


The Success Story Behind Pet Accessory Brand Pink Papyrus

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Any loving dog owner cares deeply for their pets. From treats, to bedding, to grooming, they always want the best for their furry friends. In addition to their health and well-being, what about their outfits?

Dog accessories have become more popular over the years, and pets now have a huge variety of options when it comes to their wardrobe. Owners can get almost any type of collar, leash, or shirt for their dog, but how do they know where to turn? This is where dog accessory company Pink Papyrus has stepped in. Founder Christine Abdelmalek saw that many people were still using unattractive leashes and collars, and so created a fashionable yet affordable brand for dog lovers around the country.

Christine grew up in New Orleans, and originally built a career in pharmacy. But after moving to Orange County, California, she left her regular job as a pharmacist to unleash her creativity and transform the lives of pets and pet owners. There has been no looking back since. Christine's journey from a full-time pharmacist to an entrepreneur was not easy. She spent many sleepless nights pouring her heart and soul into the business in order to ensure its future success. She faced several challenges in her journey, but overcame all of them with her unyielding spirit.

Fast forward to today, and Pink Papyrus has made a mark in the industry selling a range of adorable dog accessories like shirts, collars, leashes, and bandanas. This way, dogs can have outfits as stylish as their owners.

Christine designs every product of Pink Papyrus to perfection. From zippers, to buttons, to buckles, everything is checked to ensure that it'll be comfortable for dogs. In addition to being comfortable, all the products of Pink Papyrus are ensured to be safe for animals. They are made of 100% vegan leather and organic, hand-spun cotton.

Because the founders of Pink Papyrus are dog owners themselves, they understood the need for the products to be useful as well as fashionable. This is what inspired the creation of their BFF Mini, a pouch that clips onto a leash to hold things like waste bags and anything else an owner may need when taking the dog for a walk. This includes keys, credit cards, hand sanitizer, and more. Christine wants to present a combination of functionality, affordability, and luxury in all products from Pink Papyrus. This driving focus has made the brand a huge success among dog owners.

The success of Pink Papyrus has also been featured in publications like Forbes, International Business Times, Newsweek, etc. Pink Papyrus products are available in hundreds of PetSmart stores across North America, and always available online.

Christine aims to expand the product line of Pink Papyrus in the coming years by introducing even more trendy accessories. She aspires to take her brand to new heights and replace every dull accessory with cool and fabulous-looking ones.

You can check out Pink Papyrus on Instagram and Facebook for cute pet pictures, accessories, and customer testimonials.

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