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Suns Out, Eyes Protected: What to Consider When Choosing Your Next pair of Sunglasses


Suns Out, Eyes Protected: What to Consider When Choosing Your Next pair of Sunglasses

(Photo : Suns Out, Eyes Protected: What to Consider When Choosing Your Next pair of Sunglasses)

As the summer season approaches, it's not just our accessory choices that are seemingly under consideration. The information available to the general public is more accessible than ever and in turn has us taking into account a range of factors when making a purchase decision. When purchasing a pair of sunglasses, it's not just the style, but the effectiveness of protection that you ought to consider when purchasing .

Why should we wear sunglasses?

First and foremost, the purpose of wearing sunglasses is to provide our eyes with protection from the Ultraviolet rays (UV rays) that come from the sun. Prolonged exposure of these UV rays to our eyes could increase the risk of macular degeneration and even cataracts. These problems can be and are triggered by these rays and in general result in our eyesight being affected.

UV rays are a form of blue light that the lenses of the sunglasses absorb to ensure that they don't get into the eye and become a catalyst for potential damage. Sunglasses prevent the need for you to squint and provide your eyes with a more comfortable footing to see and aid comfortable vision.

The dark lens protecting your eyes from the harsh rays can provide the conditions for your eyes to adapt better in darker conditions. Bright light can make it more difficult to navigate the dark, for example with night time driving. Another plus for treating yourself to a pair of good quality sunglasses.

From a more external point of view, sunglasses can protect your eyes from the elements of the outside world. From hiking in snowy mountains to simply sunbathing, sunglasses are the ideal way to protect your eyes from irritating elements. These elements may seem harmless, but they could scratch the surface of the eye and create conditions that result in long term vision problems.

What to consider when purchasing sunglasses

The importance of sunglasses and the lenses used for your long term eye health is very apparent, so they ought to be part of your accessory repertoire. Statistics show that the value of the global eyewear market has significantly increased since 2019 and is predicted to keep doing so for future years so your options and choices are by no means limited.

Source: Statista 

When considering a sunglasses purchase researching the quality of the eyewear is important to make sure that it meets your needs and above all protects you from potential visionary issues. The first thing you need to look for is ensuring that the lenses have a sticker or an advisory leaflet that states it blocks 100% of UV rays. Many people fail to check for this and in turn don't get the best protection for their eyes that they could have.

Although good things may come in small packages, when it comes to sunglasses bigger is most definitely better. The more surface area that your sunglasses cover the less sun damage you are likely to be exposed to. Consider looking at oversized glasses here or frames that are wrap around style for extra precaution and better eye protection.

Although sunglasses typically have shading or darker lenses that can contribute to the protection of your eye health, darker lenses don't necessarily equate to more effective protection. As long as the UV rating and protection is 100% the colour is not the most important thing unless you need it to increase the contrast of your sight. This may be why you see certain colours of sunglasses work by certain people, as the colour of the lens contributes to an array of needs. 

Purchasing a quality pair of sunglasses doesn't have to and shouldn't break the bank. By doing your research and bearing in mind the features of priority means that you can find a pair of sunglasses within your budget. Consider the purchase an investment for your long term eye health and purchase accordingly. Remember that protection is the priority!

If you are a prescription glasses wearer this needs to be factored in when purchasing your sunglasses and speaking with your optician can help you make the right decision. 

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