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All About Hybrid Mattresses and Why You Should Get One


All About Hybrid Mattresses and Why You Should Get One

Photo : All About Hybrid Mattresses and Why You Should Get One

Are you tired of the ordinary beds on the market? Would you like to change it up this 2021? If you're bored of the typical mattress like an innerspring or memory foam, but you see the potential in their qualities if you could only combine the two. Luckily for you, inventors combined the things you love about an innerspring mattress and a memory foam. 

Hybrid mattresses are the epitome of modernity; the mattress you can say is the best of both worlds. Read more below if you want to learn about hybrid mattresses.

What are the Components of a Hybrid Bed? 

As you've read above, it combines the best qualities of an innerspring and memory foam. It's because of the components of a hybrid mattress that makes it popular for every age. 

  • Base Layer: The base is usually made of a one-inch layer of memory foam. It provides balance, padding, and sturdiness. 

  • Support Core: This is where the bouncy effect of an innerspring mattress comes into use. The pocket-wrapped coils that you usually see in an innerspring mattress are now used in a hybrid mattress. It has a height of seven to eight inches. It supports the spinal area of the user.

  • Comfort Layer: This three to four inches layer is the layer you lie on; it's made out of three cushioned components, like latex, memory foam, and a cool-inducing gel. 

  • Pillow Top: This is only available in a limited number of hybrids. It is usually one to two inches and sewn on the top of the comfort layer for additional cushioning.

What should I do before buying one? 

Always do your research. Read websites that introduce you to a hybrid mattress and the pros and cons of a hybrid mattress, so you know what kind of bed you're getting. Suppose you want to find the best hybrid mattress on the market. In that case, you visit websites like Newsweek where it differentiates the different beds on the market. You'll have to read the unbiased information on the website and make your decision there. 

7 Reasons Why You Should Buy Now 

1. Hybrid Mattresses are the epitome of comfort. 

Its foam layers can hug your body's form while you sleep. Still, you won't feel suffocated with heat because it has a gel component that cools the environment around it. In addition, you will feel weightless because of the springs, which can be soothing for most people. It's like laying in a five-star hotel bed but the comfort of your own home.

2. It has excellent value. 

Any mattress is an excellent investment, most especially a hybrid mattress. It has a combination of numerous materials that won't cost you a lot. 

3. It's breathable and breezy. 

As mentioned above, you won't get steamy as you would in a typical memory foam mattress because of a cooling quality added to the mattress layer. If you sleep hot or you live in an area where it's always hot, a hybrid bed is perfect for you because of its breathability. 

4. It can reduce motion transfer.

The pocketed coils added in the layer reduces the transfer of motion. This quality is especially beneficial for couples who have to sleep beside a person who moves a lot. A hybrid bed uses pocketed coils which makes it better than an ordinary innerspring mattress.

5. It has incredible edge support. 

If you don't know what edge support is, it is the structural integrity in the edge of a mattress. Foam mattresses lack in this area. Luckily, even though it has a foam layer, it is supportive in every bed area because of the spring system. As such, it increases the place you can sleep in comfortably.

6. It enhances the pain relief 

Because of the combined qualities of foam and the pocket spring, you can feel ample support from a hybrid bed. The foam layer will contour to your body and relieves the pressure point in your body. It reduces places like your shoulders, neck, hips, and back. The added springs in the bed are fantastic for encouraging proper spine alignment and proper sleep posture. 

7. A balance of comfort and support 

No matter what kind of position you use to sleep, the best mattress is one that can give you support and comfort at the same time. Manufacturers have found a way to make the best bed for every individual.


Now that you've read every bit of information on hybrid mattresses, doesn't it open your eyes to the possibilities on the planet? A hybrid mattress has done the impossible. It combined the different layers from the mattresses that you love in one bed. 

Take care of your hybrid mattresses well. On average, a hybrid bed can last for up to six years, depending on the material used for the core. Ensure that the manufacturer used suitable quality coils to use the mattress for a long time. 

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