Mattress Essentials: The Top-Pick Mattresses to Choose From

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Mattress Essentials: The Top-Pick Mattresses to Choose From

Photo : Mattress Essentials: The Top-Pick Mattresses to Choose From

Mattresses are an essential investment in your house. When you purchase one, you need a lot of planning and budget preparation. Looking for one could be easy but acquiring one is another thing.

When you plan to acquire a new one, make sure that you do the necessary preparations like product sourcing, product qualification, price canvass, and money preparation. In qualifying products, always look for the one that you need most, suits your needs and, most of all, the one that will give you comfort and a night of sound sleep. 

The list below will help you identify and decide what type of mattresses you need and decide to purchase for your forthcoming upgrade.

Mattress for side sleepers

This type of mattress is one of the best mattresses that will surely give you comfort at sleep. Mattress for side sleepers is a relief for people with side sleeping habits. This type of bed is specifically designed to support your sleeping position, give your body support, and cushion your hips and shoulder. 

This bed gives you breathable layers of material that are hard enough to support your body but makes a soft cushion comfortable enough to give you comfort and sound sleep. For the best sleep experience, choose a semi-customized bed according to your body weight and the appropriate size. You can choose from different sizes like the small ones, family and queen size bed.

Mattress for Back Pain

People with back pain need a particular type of mattress that supports posture. And this support is provided by mattresses for back pain because of its medium to firm cushioning. The firm cushion gives a relaxed and aligned position to the spine and neck, and it relieves the pressure and the pain of the back.

Back pains are caused by various reasons such as poor posture, sudden jolts, or twisting. Or it can be caused by anatomical issues such as irregularities in muscles, ligaments, bones, and tendons. All these issues contribute to back pain, making the lying position uncomfortable when not using the right mattress.

Latex Mattresses

A latex mattress is a combination of latex foam and either spring or reflex foam that makes durable support on the sleep surface. Latex is a natural product from the sap of a rubber tree and, therefore, the pure kind of latex. This type of latex is the preferred choice for people who want an all-natural option. Latex mattress has a fast bounce recovery, and it quickly comes back when pressed.

Natural latex mattresses are more durable but more expensive than synthetic latex. But such a type is not advisable for couples or bed sharers because it can not isolate motion. So meaning if your partner or bed sharer moves badly, likely, you will also toss and turn when you use a latex mattress because of its soft and bouncy feature.

Innerspring Mattress

An innerspring mattress is also called a coil mattress. This type of mattress uses metal springs as its primary support. The coil type and coil quantity used in a design determine the quality and the performance of this bed. This type of bed can comfortably support people with different sleeping positions like side sleepers, back, and tummy sleepers. 

The innerspring mattress is also called a traditional mattress because of its typical foam and coil combination. This type was the traditional mattress for the longest time in memorial, but constant product development makes it evolved and improved. This type has a better motion isolation feature and pocketed coils but is not recommended for people with pain challenges.

Water Bed

A water bed or flotation bed needs water, as the name suggests. During its discovery in the 19th century, ancient people used this bed for various medical therapies. In the early days also, this bed used a hose to fill up with water; unlike today, the modern water bed already has a water tube called a bladder. The bladder contains the water, and this makes the refilling process less hassle.

What's good about this bed is its thermostatic feature. Using this feature, you can regulate the temperature as you need it. You can increase the water temperature on colder days and reduce it on warmer days.

There are many brands and sizes of waterbeds, but there are only two common types of this bed; the soft side and the hard side waterbed. Softside waterbed is mounted on an upholstered, padded top box, with foam bolster covered with fabric to hold its shape. Meanwhile, a hard side waterbed is mounted on hardwoods or softwoods called a waterbed frame. 


Mattresses can be sourced easily like any other furniture; however, acquiring them should be done with care and utmost consideration. It is because mattresses are essential not only for sleeping but for your health. Using an inappropriate bed can worsen any existing health conditions and even worsen such health challenges. Thus, be prudent in your decision before the purchase.

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