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Kevin Ko Shares What You Need to Know About Cryptocurrency and Rik


Kevin Ko Shares What You Need to Know About Cryptocurrency and Rik

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Cryptocurrency has gained global recognition from investors in digital currencies from all corners of the world. The increased awareness has raised the demand for the money with more investors being attracted to the field. It is a faster and easier way to transact finances, thus opening up new and advanced payment options. New investors and business people are willing to risk their money in this currency platform as they see it as a booming field despite its volatility.

Kevin Ko is one investor who has been keeping his presence in the market low despite the big-money moves he has been making. He is a commercial broker for the industrial market in Honolulu, HI. Kevin joined the crypto space in 2017. Since then, he has been helping thousands of investors by educating them on building a portfolio. He has helped people from your average joe to Hollywood celebrities and social media influencers. From a young age, Kevin always had a passion for investing and seeking new opportunities.

The launch of Crypto Kingz has influenced him to no longer work under the radar and begin to teach others the market basics. The platform is receiving thousands of newbie investors. He feels there is a need for others to learn how to manage the risks in the market. Besides, he believes Cryptocurrency is the future and wants to be exposed in the space while capitalizing on the market.

As an investor, you need to be wary of the market as it is a high-risk venture. Every decision and move contributes to either your downfall or success. Investing in the market demands new tools and the adoption of new concepts, and unless you are eager to learn and keep up with the market speed, you can easily be left behind. If you are new in the market, Kevin advises that you consider first learning the industry basics and understand what to expect or do before you join.

Kevin offers the following strategies to help you minimize the risks in the cryptocurrency world.

1. Crypto Funds

The crypto fund concept is just the same as the standard investment plan, and if you are coming from the finance world, you probably stand a better chance of understanding it better than most. But there is no reason to worry if you are new in the market. Crypto funds are sets of professionally managed assets cutting across a wide range of investments. They are more of group investments, and individual investors do not have much say since it's a group investment. The risks are reduced since the investment is managed by a professional.

2. Hedging

This is something like obtaining an insurance policy. It involves offsetting any potential losses against an investment.

3. Restrain from Hyped temptations

In other words, it can be thought of as emotional management. The fear of missing out can result in more devastating results, thus, avoid peer decision-making. Imagine cashing out on potential investment or ending up buying at the top, all because you chose to move with the Hype.

4. Quality always triumphs over quantity.

Do not over-trade in the market; instead, try swing trading to move with the trade. Otherwise, you will end up wasting money and time on unnecessary investments.

5. Keep learning

There is no better way to mitigate the risks in the crypto world other than being informed. A well-informed investor will always understand the market better and diminish the uncalled-for hypes. 

You can use the following link to get in touch with Kevin on Instagram or his website.

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