Perks and Challenges of the Nursing Profession

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Perks and Challenges of the Nursing Profession

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Practicing as a nurse is a thrilling and emotional experience. However, due to its role and contribution, the job is becoming more demanding day by day.

During any pandemic or crisis period, qualified, professional, and devoted nurses are required not only to serve by standing or sitting beside the bed but also to manage the situation as a leader; they also need to motivate and guide if necessary. To perform such a crucial role, a nurse needs proper education and knowledge.  In addition to that, people need different levels of attention and care on the basis of their age, disease, and mental stamina. 

Due to the remarkable contribution and professional demand for competent individuals, the interest in pursuing the nursing profession is increasing more quickly than ever. However, becoming a registered nurse is not an easy task. People often find the profession quite intimidating. Although they also often feel confused and puzzled about the whole idea of how to become a registered nurse. Before becoming a successful nurse, you have to get both educational and technical qualifications; then finding a suitable nursing job will become easier for you.

Now, you may get a professional degree or certificate but before starting the actual job, you have to think about certain facts and you have to be confident enough about your decision. One of the facts may include standing on your feet for the whole day with extreme stress and the minimum amount of respect you actually deserve. 

Becoming a nurse means you are an advisor, caregiver, doctor, and psychiatrist at the same time. However, your contribution and impact can make all the hard work and pressure worthwhile. So, before starting your career as a nurse, you should think more precisely about the following facts:

Less Flexible Shifts

When you join as a new nurse, there will be no shifts fixed for you. It may happen that you just finished your night shift and returned home, and you may get another call from the hospital to join the day shift as well. However, some hospitals do consider flexible shifts on the basis of your location or distance. 

You Have to Think Critically to Make Decisions More Efficiently

Most people have a traditional perception that nurses do not require the proper medical details of the patients. The idea is completely wrong. Actually, nurses do not only follow the instructions given by the doctors, and they need to be aware of the actual details of a patient's medical history and current health condition. Then, before planning the care routine, nurses need to precisely go through the patient's medical record and finally make a routine on the basis of the overall assessment. 

Critical thinking is always considered a must in the nursing profession. However, when you start working practically, you will realize you know more details and you are able to think more precisely than you thought you can.

Constant Preparation for Emergencies

Being a caregiver or nurse is a challenging and competitive job for anyone. After becoming involved with such a profession, you have to constantly be ready to provide attention and care. This will create a huge mental and emotional burden that you will need to manage, especially in the case you have to attend to emergencies. 

Gaining More Experience to Earn an Expertise

Another important fact is experience. Medical-surgical nursing experience is more important than experience in the emergency department. So, before making any decision in the nursing school among these two you have to consider the practical preference over educational value.

Moreover, you have to be intuitive about a patient. For example, you have to predict whether the health condition of the patient is going to deteriorate or not, even when every external condition is indicating the patient is doing fine. To achieve such experience, inexperienced nurses should practice under general medical nursing at least for one year then they should expand towards emergency nursing or critical care. 

Closely Witnessing Pain is Tough

Witnessing physical pain, trauma and mental breakdown is not an easy task. Many people feel depressed about their own life after witnessing such dreadful incidents directly. So you have to prepare mentally to witness such painful occurrences. Certain departments' nurses have to deal with such incidents more than others. Some shifts require more mental strength compared to the usual shifts. Some experiences will be so traumatizing that they might take years to process. 

Sometimes the Workload Become Uncontrollable 

Being involved with one of the most challenging professions, there will be numerous responsibilities you have to deal with on a regular basis. The most important fact is each of them may have the same level of priority which can not be scheduled easily. So you often end up multitasking which will require more hours than your assigned shift schedule. 

However, you are performing invaluable work. No matter how busy you get, the gratitude and gesture of a newly recovered patient is always precious. 

Some Memories Will Remain With You for Life 

No matter the workload, nurses often grow an emotional attachment with their patients. They often break into tears when a patient is leaving the hospital after fighting with a difficult disease. Moreover, welcoming a newborn is always a happy yet emotional moment for many.

While nurses interact with countless people on a daily basis, many of them do leave you with unforgettable memories. Discharging such patients often feel emotional and tough for the nurses. However, the best feeling is when you realize you are able to share some of their pains, difficulties, and important moments. 

You have to be aware that the life of a nurse is joyous and challenging at the same time. However, the difficulty of the work comes with great importance. You have to be kind yet strong to become a successful nurse.

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