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Meet Chris Robinson, A World-famous Sneaker Collector


Meet Chris Robinson, A World-famous Sneaker Collector

Photo : Chris Robinson

Chris Robinson is a man that may not be well known to the general public at large. However, when he is mentioned to the sneaker community, you will no doubt discover that he is a world-famous sneaker's collector.

Ever since he was in his teens living in his beloved hometown of Long Beach, New Jersey, Chris had a passion for shoes, particularly sneakers. This passion didn't come from just collecting them. It was quite the opposite. He envied what those who were more privileged than him had, such as fashionable clothing and stylish accessories.

As a result, he determined then and there to make it his own way in life in order to provide for himself a way to afford such luxuries. In the end, through persistence and patience, Chris has become a leading figure of sneakers collection in the world.

Chris Robinson's World-famous Sneaker Collection Story

Chris Robinson's collection of sneakers began when he took his first job during his teenage years. He started working at the age of just 14. He started young because he had a strong desire to afford what his parents couldn't due to their unfortunate living circumstances.

Upon receiving his first paycheck, and without hesitation, Chris bought his first-ever sneakers, which was a Nike. It was from then on that he eventually built his collection to what it is today. Now his sneakers collection has become the world's most sought after.

Lessons Chris learned as a kid

In an interview, Chris stated that if he could go back in time, he would tell his young self to start working on his collections earlier and precisely what to start collecting. That way he would be able to achieve success earlier and prevent himself from making the mistakes he did along the way.

Despite these mistakes, it is clear that Chris Robinson still made his way to the top of the sneakers collectors games. If there's one thing that Chris learned in life that he attributes to his success, it would be determination. Thanks to his firm will to be successful financially, he was able to overcome obstacles. He was also able to gain the patience needed to wait in line for a new pair of unique shoes or travel to places to obtain the special shoes he'd been searching for.

Chris' future plans

Although he is already successful and can finally financially provide for both himself and his family, Chris still has ambitious goals for the future. His hopes are to reach a net worth of $5 million and buy a Rolls Royce truck with a customized ceiling of the constellations from his birthday.

When it comes to sneakers collection, especially skateboarding sneakers, you can certainly turn to Chris Robinson as an inspiration. Not only does he have a vast collection of shoes, but he also has a deep appreciation for them. Having been into shoes since at a young age, Chris has become a go-to guy for anything sneakers-related in the sneakers community and now perhaps even in the world.

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