6 Jobs You Can Get With An Online Digital Marketing Degree

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6 Jobs You Can Get With An Online Digital Marketing Degree

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Figuring out how you will optimize your college degree when venturing out into the workforce is an important step to take before you graduate. If you're getting a degree in business, specifically pertaining to online marketing, you may be wondering where to start when classes are over. 

The hunt for a job with an online digital marketing degree is actually quite easy. With technology and the internet both vital for a business's success nowadays, there are endless opportunities for individuals seeking work in this field. 

If you're feeling stuck wondering what you're going to do, take the pressure off yourself. Here are six jobs you can get with an online digital marketing degree that can pay up to a median salary of $1360,900 per year!

6 Jobs To Get With A Digital Marketing Degree

Marketing Manager

One of the best jobs you can get with an online digital marketing degree is a marketing manager. The good news for you is that this job is on the rise and in demand. 

Marketing managers take the services or products a company sells and figure out the best way to strategize product or service awareness. This position is all about understanding consumer needs and building a plan that fits potential customers. 

SEO Analyst

A new trending job for people with a background in digital marketing is an SEO Analyst. SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is all about understanding the science behind constructing marketable website copy and making sure keywords are implemented to rank businesses high on sites like Google.

SEO requires constant supervision about the performance of articles or other content, including SEO practices so analysts can discover what works and what needs to be fixed to reach a higher audience. 

Social Media Strategist

Companies are using social media constantly nowadays to promote their brand and services. If you're someone who is social media savvy, this job might be for you.

Social Media strategists use various platforms to increase brand awareness and interact with consumers to convert sales. Social media has helped a lot of businesses take off from interacting with modern culture. Understanding how social media presence can increase profit for a company on top of developing a helpful marketing strategy can produce incredibly impactful results. 

Market Research Analyst 

Comprehending marketing trends and interpreting data based on marketing campaign interactions is crucial for a company's success. Marketing research analysts study how well certain campaigns ran and what can be improved based on statistics.

These jobs are dire for a business to increase sales by taking data and developing strategies to increase sales for the company you work for. This is another job that is on the rise and very lucrative. Businesses are always hungry for someone who can read data and apply it accordingly.

Sales Manager

As the name suggests, sales managers help lead businesses to reach their sales goals. These positions can get creative by developing sales plans for the sales team to follow, working closely with the marketing team, and tracking data to understand how certain sales strategies performed.

Sales managers are in charge of the business's whole sales department. They are always looking for go-getter salespeople to join the team to help increase sales. They develop sales strategies and supervise sales staff to make sure the workplace is running smoothly. 

Email Marketing Specialist

While the name email marketing specialist seems like this job pertains to emails, the requirements vary more than you think. Yes, email marketing specialists are tasked with creating emails to promote brands and their services. Other job duties consist of compiling the email list, some graphic designing in the email, and proofreading.

Being an email marketing specialist takes special skill in knowing how to craft emails with content that leads to conversion and sales. This is an important position for businesses since it keeps consumers engaged with companies, which leads to profit and sales.

Find Your Fit

Obtaining an online digital marketing degree can have a lucrative payoff. There are great jobs a person can get once they graduate with a degree in the digital marketing field. With the world's businesses rely on social media and digital online platforms, this degree can lead to prosperous opportunities. And the good part is that they all work together for the common goal: to have significant conversion and business success.

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