Facing the Faking: Dr. Yosef Alhasany Discusses His Realistic Approach to Cognitive And Psychoanalytic Therapy

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Yosef Alhasany

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Being a human being in the modern era seemingly comes with all sorts of challenges which is a compilation of systems that we are introduced to since birth and although they play a prominent role in providing order and structure to the everyday lives of individuals, it ends up robbing most of becoming their true self. Certified medical professional Dr. Yosef Alhanasy (Dr.Yousef Khaled Fuad Hasan) has directed his passionate ambitions towards reprogramming the subconscious and changing the way people view their reality by using a realistic, applicable approach to the study and theory of psychoanalysis and cognitive behavioral therapy.

An Innovative Approach to Facing the Faking

The original study of the psychoanalytic approach was theorized by Sigmund Freud and hinges on the primary assumption that all humans possess unconscious thoughts, desires, feeling, and memories. One of the more well-known treatments used today are modalities that aim to help patients comprehend the unconscious forces that may play a role in their current behaviors, emotions, and thoughts; however, Dr. Yosef Alhasany has decided to veer away from modern techniques and has instead developed his own unique approach which lays the foundation for cognitive behavioral therapy and relationship coaching that he has specialized in.

He believes that although regular cognitive behavioral therapy has its benefits, it also has ample limitations, one being that the recommended number of sessions with the patient is not enough, and in order to dig deep into the roots of these issues his patients have to commit to a long-term form of therapy. His overall approach and hypothesis are as follows: We analyze what happened to us during childhood and address those issues, along with the psychological complexes and emotional suppression. Then we proceed to start the process of dissecting them down and see how the ‘fake self’ was constructed, how the mind is operating, and how can we try to bring these issues to the consciousness of the individual.

Introducing A Personal Standpoint

Like most people, Dr. Yosef Alhasany personally battled with major depression disorders, general anxiety disorder accompanied by panic attacks, and OCD which was all heavily integrated into his life long before he was introduced to the forms of therapy that he has adopted and created himself using a psychoanalytic, realistic approach. He explains that “this is my own strategy that I believe in because battling with those disorders over the years, I realized there was no actual treatment and I didn’t believe in a superficial materialistic approach that has nothing to do with reality.” and he continues to say that “it doesn’t truly heal which actually masks the symptoms”. By recognizing these issues regarding therapy, and applying his own struggles to his theory, he has now developed a totally new strategy that focuses on reprogramming the ‘fake self’ which entails raising collective consciousness and facing belief systems that we have inherited from religious, societal, and parental structures.

Taking a stance for Humanity and Love

Although the study of psychoanalytic and cognitive therapy has been researched by many, Dr. Yosef has always valued individuality and his new standpoint aims to deconstruct behaviors that rob people of love in abundance and living humanitarian lives. The original psychoanalytic and cognitive theory states that childhood trauma leaks into adulthood, which is a reality that many have to face; where systems have deformed their true self, which ultimately doesn’t reflect the individuality of each person. Dr. Yosef Alhasany states that “even the typical type of education is a type of enslavement and doesn’t help us to create original thinkers - it just creates people who memorize and copy”.

Reconstructing Reality and the Way Forward

The formulation of this unprecedented strategy towards cognitive behavioral therapy has catapulted Dr. Yosef Alhasany towards some extraordinary achievements. He kicked off his career graduating medical school at the top of his class where he has since worked on developing his own form of therapy with the assistance of mentors along the way. He also boasts an impressive Instagram account that specializes in psychoanalysis which is currently near 1 million followers and he has been involved in conducting over 20 seminars in places such as Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. Moreover, he has been the host of many online programs that have helped people become better versions of themselves when it comes down to relationships, medical, and psychological issues.

Soon, those who follow him will be able to read more in-depth about his thoughts as a certified Cognitive Behavioral therapist since his first-ever book will be released called Your psychological subconsciousness complexes:  Are your maternal prison? The realistic Psychoanalytic Approach in Relationships, Childhood & Sexuality in the Arab Worlds.

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