Facts to Consider When Buying a Car While in College

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Facts to Consider When Buying a Car While in College

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There are many reasons why you might need a car while at college. However, it's not always something a student can afford. There are points to consider before making this decision.

Students are known for being strapped for cash and having unreliable transport. It's vital to do your homework and all relevant research to buy a vehicle. 


It's important to save before you start looking for a vehicle. You shouldn't be in a hurry because the more money you save, the less expensive your purchase will be.

With sufficient savings, you can afford a substantial downpayment on a new car or purchase a used one.

Choosing the Right Vehicle

When choosing a car, ensure you look at what you require. Will you need a small vehicle for yourself or a larger one to carpool with fellow students. You also need to look at what distances you'll cover; will it be to college and back, or a few miles every weekend to visit family?

You'll need to consider the car's maintenance history, the mileage, and what safety features you'd like.

As you shop around, consider whether you'll buy a new car or a used one. Although a used vehicle is much cheaper, the maintenance will cost more. With a new car, your upkeep will be low for the first few years. However, you might find a good deal on a used one, so doing the necessary research is essential.

There'll be other costs you need to consider when making this purchase. You'll need gas money, so buying a fuel-efficient vehicle might help. There's also the cost of replacing tires and insurance in case of an accident. You'll also need to have money set aside in case of an accident to cover attorney costs, state those at

Is Leasing an Option?

Once you've weighed up all the pros and cons of purchasing a vehicle, you should look at leasing one, too. This method often has a much lower monthly payment than buying a vehicle. However, if you exceed the miles indicated on your lease at the end of the term, you'll be liable to pay the extra. Also, investigate other hidden costs.

In Closing

As appealing as buying a motor vehicle sounds, there's a lot of information to consider before investing in one. Saving money long before the purchase will be a great help and reduce the monthly payments. If you save enough, you could buy an excellent used vehicle for cash.

Remember to do all your homework regarding your requirements and weigh up all the facts before making a decision.

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