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4 Essential Certifications That Every Babysitter Should Have


4 Essential Certifications That Every Babysitter Should Have

(Photo : 4 Essential Certifications That Every Babysitter Should Have)

It's often necessary for college students to work a side job to afford to pay those expensive tuition bills. One of the most popular part-time jobs that students enjoy is being a babysitter or nanny. It allows them to work around a flexible schedule and become an important part of a family in need.

Being a babysitter or nanny is a huge responsibility that requires unique knowledge and training. Although some babysitting positions don't require any special training, it's good to gather the skills to protect and care for a child to the best of your ability.

Certifications like CPR and First Aid can help you be prepared for emergencies like healing unresponsive newborns, injuries, and illness. Let's take a look at a few essential certifications that every babysitter should have.


Parents that are leaving their children with a babysitter want to know that they are in good hands with a trusted professional. Most parents won't consider hiring a child care worker unless they are certified in CPR, specializing in child resuscitation. Anything can happen when a child is in your care, and knowing how to take the right actions in an emergency could help save a child's life. Current CPR certifications are generally only valid for two years and should always be updated when they expire.

Infant Care

Taking care of an infant is a unique challenge. Babies that are so young are unable to communicate when they have a problem, even if it's serious. Babysitters that take an Infant Care course to learn about the signs and symptoms of health issues and how to handle different emergency situations. If you are going to be babysitting for an infant, it's in your and your client's best interest to learn everything that you can about proper infant care. Infant care classes are available through your local hospital.

First Aid

Kids are a lot to handle, even for the most qualified babysitter. It only takes a moment for accidents to happen, and babysitters need to know what to do in an emergency. From fevers to bumps and scrapes, learning First Aid can give you the knowledge and confidence to handle anything the children in your charge can throw at you from fevers to bumps and scrapes. Having your First Aid certification is a great comfort to parents that are leaving their children in your caring hands.

Nanny Certification

If you are considering being a full-time nanny after college or during your summer breaks, getting a full certification can open up higher-paying positions. Not only will you have the opportunity to make more money, but you will also learn a broad area of skills that are vital when acting as a child care provider. Infant care to early childhood education is a crucial area of study in a Nanny certification course

For students that are working as a babysitter to help pay their college tuition, the position must be treated with the respect that it deserves. Parents are putting their trust in you that you will take care of their children with care and skill. Adding one or more of these essential babysitting and nanny certifications can help give you the skills, confidence, and qualification to land the perfect babysitting job. 

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