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The Complete History of Tacos


The Complete History of Tacos

Photo : The Complete History of Tacos

Everybody's favorite food-


This versatile, delicious, and colorful food has stood the test of time and has become a symbol of the very best of Mexican cuisine. 

But where did it come from? And why are they so good? 

Read on to hear about the complete history of tacos!

The Taco's Humble Beginnings

There are two places where the taco could have originated, depending on how you look at it. However, both stories illustrate the simplicity and the beauty of Mexico's favorite dish. 

The Aztecs

Before the taco, there was the tortilla!

The Aztecs are credited for creating tortillas made from corn. One of the greatest and most well-known Aztec Emperors, Montezuma, was known for using these tortillas as a kind of vehicle for meat, beans, and chiles. 

Mexican Silver Miners

Many people don't know that the word taco actually refers to gunpowder wrapped into a piece of paper and then placed into rocks, which was a method used for mining silver. 

These miners actually started referring to their lunches as tacos as well. These lunches consisted of potatoes, meats, and other local ingredients wrapped in a tortilla. 

This simple meal and term from the 18th century have since pervaded history in a glorious way! 

Traveling Through the United States

The taco was introduced to the United States as early as 1905 when Mexican migrants started working on the railroads and bringing along this simple and delicious lunch. 

There are a few reasons why tacos became so popular: 

  • They are portable

  • They are inexpensive

  • They are delicious

Mexican food carts started appearing in Los Angeles by women called "Chili Queens," and tacos started to be consumed and loved by people from the United States. 

Different Types of Tacos

Now, there are so many different tacos that you would be challenged to try each one!

Here are a few different favorites that have emerged over the past 200 years. 

Al Pastor: This tasty type of taco is most traditionally made from split-grilled pork. 

This taco originally made it to Mexico from Lebanese immigrants and therefore has a unique blend of Mexican and middle-eastern flavors and ingredients. 

Barbacoa: This type of taco is usually meat-filled with either goat, lamb, or beef. This taco is usually slow-cooked and spiced to mouth-watering perfection! 

Birria: Birria style tacos are usually beef filled, either with chuck roast or short ribs. 

The search for the perfect birria style tacos recipe is a noble one, and this one is a top contender! 

Carnitas: Translated directly, carnitas means "little meats." These tacos are famously filled with braising or simmering pork cooked to perfection. 

The Complete History of Tacos

Now you know the complete history of tacos. 

This food born out of necessity and filled with local ingredients has proven to be a delicious meal that is completely versatile and beloved by all! 

Interested in learning more? Be sure to check out our blog! 

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