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5 Ways to Crush Your Facebook Likes


5 Ways to Crush Your Facebook Likes

Photo : 5 Ways to Crush Your Facebook Likes

Acquiring Facebook likes isn't simple. You have to compete for them because there're millions of users or brands posting the same content as you. To stand out from the crowd, you've to bring something new to the table and promote it better than others.

Today, we'll discuss 5 ways to help you crush your Facebook likes.

Create the best content

One of the major reasons to create quality content is to gain an edge over the competition.

You must have noticed some content is more famous on the internet than other.

People share content made by one brand while there're several other brands in the same niche.

Why do you think this happens?

People care about quality over anything. 

Say you're a digital marketer. 

Would you rather engage with an infographic with great visuals and statistics or an infographic with basic information that you already know?

The quality of your content is important to outrank your competitors. If your content helps people, they'll share it and more shares means more exposure, which means more likes.

Here are some proven tips to help you.

Write excellent headlines 

Headlines are the most important part of your posts. They're the first thing people notice about your content. Hence, generic headlines won't do the trick. You've to make them interesting. For example, you can write "Attention! 5 SEO TIPS to skyrocket your rankings" instead of "SEO TIPS".

Create question posts

Question posts are excellent hooks. When asked, people love to share their experiences. You can construct a set of questions based on relevant problems/areas around your niche and post them from time to time.

Less is more

Nobody is going to read blocks of text. People are busy and want quick and easy-to-understand content. A good practice is to create content within 85 characters.

Use lots of visuals

It's important to grab attention of your audience when they're speeding through the feed. 

One simple way to do this is to use lots of visuals. 

Invest in high-quality images, videos, infographics and illustrations to attract more people.

Run contests

Contests are engagement magnets. They attract tons of people. 

You can host giveaways and ask people to like, comment, tag and share your posts.

In this way, you'll get your likes and comments plus the shares will expose you to new audiences who might end up taking part in the contests.

This creates a chain of likes and shares.

Listen and Monitor

Do you know what your followers are saying about you?

People discuss brands/content through open discussions, community conversations and groups. This's where listening and monitoring comes into play.

So, what is social monitoring?

It's when you look for conversations and mentions that concern your brand, content, products, customers and employees. By monitoring you can get a grasp of your online reputation and what people think about you.

What's social listening?

It's when you analyse and respond to conversations around your brand or niche. By listening you can find your biggest fans and feedbacks to your products/content.

Suppose your competitor is getting lots of engagement on its recent post, you can monitor its content to find out where you're lacking and come up with a strategy.

Use Facebook Ads

Facebook ads boost your posts by advertising them to targeted people.

Suppose you've posted an infographic on "Facebook SEO" and received a fair amount of engagement.

Facebook offers you the opportunity to attract more people by showing your infographic to them.

First, use Facebook analytics to narrow down your target audience. 

You can analyse different metrics and create a plan of action based on the data. 

Now, create a campaign using Facebook ads and assign it goals. 

For example, your goals could be to generate page awareness and increase engagement. You can then boost your infographic as a part of the campaign. 

Facebook likes

Did you know you can buy Facebook likes?

Whether you're an influencer or a brand, competition is everywhere, including Facebook.

 If you aren't at the top of your game, you'll get crushed.

Organic growth requires consistent efforts and patience. This is where most users fail. They want instant results. But you can again an edge over your competitors by purchasing some likes.


There you go, 5 ways to crush your Facebook likes. Different people will suggest different practices to generate likes but at the end: Content is king.

The quality of your posts and your efforts to promote them decides the amount of engagement you receive.

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