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Four Tools for SEO You Don't Want to Miss


Four Tools for SEO You Don't Want to Miss

Photo : Four Tools for SEO You Don't Want to Miss

Software makes a marketer's life ten times easier, and for the average person, mastering SEO can feel like a full-time job. Whether you're a novice or pro, SEO software is the best way to build your strategies and ensure they always perform well. They're either free or budget-friendly, easy to use and are likely to become a staple in your marketing efforts once you give them a try. Below are four of the top SEO tools experts recommend and actually use in 2020. There are many choices out there, but these four cover the most crucial elements of SEO that everyone needs.


When it comes to website crawlers, Ahrefs is the second largest on the web. The first is Google, so they have a lot to live up to. Given their status, it's safe to say they're a fantastic option for anyone looking to run a website analysis. They can tell you exactly where your website is underperforming and needs optimized to meet the most recent algorithm's standards, and it can even perform a competitor analysis that helps you give your own business a better edge.


Analytic reports do all the heavy lifting in SEO, but putting them together and actually interpreting the data into actionable solutions can be difficult. With SEMRush, you can compare keywords and domains, look closely at your site's traffic and monitor rankings. You'll also receive personalized feedback on how to improve your site's ranking through SEO and design. The software is described as an all-in-one marketing tool, and its search engine optimization tool is accompanied by PPC, social media, content marketing and market research analytics as well. If you happen to be running other digital campaigns, then everything you need to build a cohesive strategy is here.

Google Trends

Relevance is key when it comes to making valuable content in such a fast-paced digital environment. Companies that want to rapidly expand their visibility will benefit from the insight they can gain by searching through trending keywords and crafting content that focuses on the most popular keywords and topics in their niche. Enterprise SEO is one industry that needs fresh but specific content to reach its audience and perform well; rather than rehashing old posts or scouring competitors' sites for ideas, use trends to look up the popularity of keywords in your brand. Crafting posts that respond to an active audience's intent is the best way to get noticed fast. Businesses that rely on intent SEO for their strategy multiply revenue and consistently earn higher rankings than those that don't.

Fatrank Chrome Extension

Use this tool to automatically check the ranking of a page and its keywords. It's a fast and free way to analyze your site's search engine optimization and make quick changes. One of the biggest hurdles to overcome when rehabilitating a low-ranking site is knowing exactly where to start. Fatrank gives you an easy solution that helps you immediately begin writing more keyword-rich, valuable content for your audience. Sometimes, it's not always a matter of poor subject matter but poor optimization. In that case, using this software will help you refine your writing and make it more searchable and relatable for your target audience.

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