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Choosing the Best Online Accounting Certification


Choosing the Best Online Accounting Certification

Photo : Choosing the Best Online Accounting Certification

Earning a professional online accounting certification can prepare graduates for their careers across the accounting field. The majority of these programs offer specialties so that students get to tailor their studies to specific careers and areas of interest. 

What are some of the best professional online accounting certifications to consider?

a. Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

A CPA is someone who has a professional designation through experience, education, and licensing. 

There are different tasks that a CPA can perform in an accounting firm. Some of those jobs include:

  • Auditing and Review

One of the primary jobs a certified public accountant does is auditing financial statements and giving their opinion on those statements. The CPA is the unbiased third party who does the work of reviewing and evaluating financial statements. These get prepared by the organization's management. 

Based on the audit, the accounting professional can issue a say on the financial statements, revealing of any material misstatements and errors. These financial statements are then handed to shareholders and the public, depending on the company.

  • Tax preparation

Tax preparation will involve the CPA preparing ranging types of client tax forms ranging from property taxes to income tax. The professional also advises the client and the organization on the strategies to take to reduce tax burdens.

b. Chartered Financial analyst (CFA)

The Chartered Financial analyst professional online accounting certification is among the highly sought after by people who want to take a financial path in their careers. It consists of three levels. The professional online accounting certification takes about four years to complete all the levels. 

Its primary focus is on portfolio management and investment analysis. Why learners opt for this course is because it is internationally recognized. Since it's recognized as one of the most challenging in accounting, the completion of this course demonstrates a strong work ethic and a high level of intelligence.

c. Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA)

The Chartered Global Management Accountant is one of the most recent professional online accounting certifications, as it got established in 2012. Its primary focus is on management accounting. Members of AICPA are eligible to acquire the CGMA certification, and it requires three years of work experience to undertake this professional online accounting certification. 

The CGMA is an additional course for those for Certified Public Accountants working in companies and government institutions. An individual who is not a CPA but obtains the Chartered Global Management Accountant certificate may not present themselves as a CPA, which requires to get earned separately. 

d. Certified Management Accountant (CMA)

The Certified Management Accountant is a professional online accounting certification in strategic management and financial accounting. The certificate is globally recognized and has a unique focus on management accounting and corporate finance. 

CMAs work in corporate finance, accounting, and strategy teams in organizations. These professionals parse and analyze data from several sources to inform performance improvement. They also contribute to the strategic decisions of the organization by offering insights into the financial position of the company. 

They coordinate with other managers to suggest improvements regarding the financial aspects of the company. The professional online accounting certification allows you to work in varying industries such as manufacturing, mining, education, health, construction, finance, and even transportation.

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