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Homecooking Guides: Top 5 Kitchen Essentials for a Proper Meal Preparation


Homecooking Guides: Top 5 Kitchen Essentials for a Proper Meal Preparation

Photo : Homecooking Guides: Top 5 Kitchen Essentials for a Proper Meal Preparation

Food is a family thread that gathers every member in the table during holidays or regular meals. To most, it's a rendezvous that does share good food and good old memories. Typically, the host serves the family's heirloom food recipes that give them delight. Indeed, nothing beats a family meal filled with joy and laughter.

If you're a home cook preparing homey or fine-dining food for your family, having the right kitchen essentials is the precursor to achieving the ultimate gastronomic experience at your own home. Additionally, you will no longer have to overspend money in fancy restaurants.  Hence, to help you select the necessary food preparation stuff, here are the top five must-have essentials in your kitchen.

Begin with Proper Hygiene

A healthy and delicious meal is composed of nutritious ingredients and has been prepared in a clean and hygienic method. With that said, you must always maintain the cleanliness in your kitchen to avoid food contamination. One way to keep the kitchen counters from harmful invisible organisms, such as germs and bacteria, is through health-friendly disinfectants.

Liquid Hand Soap

Since liquid hand soaps come in a handy bottle, you can easily apply an ample amount on your hands and wash afterward. It's essential to have germ free hands when touching and to cut food ingredients to avoid surface contaminants. 

Clean Kitchen Towels

After you have washed your hands, you must use clean kitchen towels to dry it up. Remember, bacteria and germs flourish in moist materials; therefore, it's essential to have a cleansed and dry kitchen towel at all times.

Replenish Your Cupboard with Herbs and Spices

Generally, herbs and spices amplify the flavor of your usual food delicacies. They add complex-dimensional taste to the palate, making the eater ponder about the unique aftertaste and aroma. These dried portions of plants usually have a short shelf life if improperly stored; it loses its deep aroma. If you're looking for the perfect condiments that'll complement your food, this impressive list of herbs and spices is an excellent addition to your shelves. 


This spice came from the dried cinnamon tree bark. It's typically used to spice up apple pies and apple crisp. Moreover, it is incorporated in a potpourri of herbs as a dry-rub for roasted meat, especially barbeques and baby back ribs.


The dried rosemary leaves diffuse earthy flavor, which is best in roasting or pan-frying chicken meat. For a high-end touch to your food, combine it with lemon and butter as these things go well together.

Star Anise

This star-like herb is usually used in Asian cuisines. It exudes a peppery and peculiar yet pleasant flavor when incorporated in the poaching liquid, stews, and steams. 

Invest in High-quality Knife Set

Practicality in cooking means purchasing sturdy and dependable knives as these can go in the long run. When buying new kitchen knives, you must consider the following factors: 1) heat resistant; 2) stainless-steel; 3) drip water; 4) non-stick; and 4) high-quality. Furthermore, the utensils are an extension of the hands that assist you in your food preparation. 

Get Appropriate Pans

The pans are a kitchen gadget used for various cooking methods, including how you want your food to be cooked. It is also varied in size and composition, and each has a specific role and purpose in cooking. Below are some of the pans that are useful and commonly used in the kitchen.


This shallow pan is perfect for stews and making soups. It has a lid covering the pan, allowing the steam and flavors to infuse in the meat and vegetables.

Cast-iron Skillet

This is an excellent type of pan for perfectly seared steaks, fishes, and chicken. Since it's heavy-duty, you can place it in the oven to finish cooking the food. 

Frying Pan

The frying pan is the most common pan every household has in the kitchen. You can cook almost anything you want in this pan, and it's the go-to cooking gadget if you're in a hurry.  

Purchase Electric-powered Equipment

Today, there are already commercially-available kitchen gadgets that simplify the lives of every household. Not only do these gadgets make the cooking process easy, but they also immensely save time. And, if you're still thinking of what equipment you would like to purchase, enumerated below are the most helpful kitchen equipment.

Food Processor

The food processor is a convenient way of blending food ingredients. It quickly processes pesto sauce for pasta and salad, vegetables for chicken stew, and even puff pastry for pies and tarts. 

Electric Mixer

Gone are the days when you need to exert effort to whip the egg whites to create meringue because there's already an electric mixer that whips everything in a matter of minutes. It quickly aerates whipping cream for a smooth and silky mixture in mousses. 


In a nutshell, when you cook at home, your ultimate goal is to satisfy the taste buds and every family member's heart. It's gratifying to see and hear the laughter on their faces as they take a bite of your food. Furthermore, food preparation requires several factors and essentials, and the abovementioned are just some of the many things. Hence, remember when you cook right, you cook with your heart.

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