6 Medical Schools to Consider in 2021

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6 Medical Schools to Consider in 2021

Photo : 6 Medical Schools to Consider in 2021

Medical schools seem like they are a dime a dozen. There are so many, but the ones that stand out are the ones most people can name from the Ivy League schools. The trouble is, most people cannot afford an Ivy League medical degree. If you are trying to find a renowned school from which to achieve a medical degree while not going so far into debt, there are six other really good schools worth your consideration.

AUC School of Medicine

Along with the easy price tag, the American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine based in Sint Maarten gives you the perfect environment to learn and play. When you need a break, you are right in the heart of Caribbean tourist territory. When you have to work, you are making a difference in the lives of native Caribbeans who do not have access to high-quality healthcare.

Russian State Medical University

Many Russian universities of medicine are world-renowned too. One of those, the Russian State Medical University, is well over a hundred years old and offers a variety of specialized medical degrees. The cost of attendance is most agreeable if you can speak Russian and don't mind living there for three years.

National University of Singapore

This is the leading medical school in Singapore, and one of the most easily identified medical schools in the whole world. The price tag ranks low after several American and British medical schools in an international medical school list. If you love Asian culture and want to get on board with advanced techniques in medicine and research while avoiding heavy six-figure tuition bills, this university may be for you.

St. George's University-School of Medicine, Grenada West Indies

A unique college located on the coastline of Grenada, West Indies accepts students from around the globe. A shared arrangement between the U.S. and Great Britain makes it possible to afford an education here. They have an exceptionally high pass rate and post-graduation employment rate too.

King's College London

King's College London is one of the most premier universities in Great Britain. It has been training physicians for almost two hundred years. Famous doctors, like Lister, the father of modern antisepsis, are synonymous with King's College. Enjoy everything life in London offers along with your medical education at a very affordable price.

Paris Descartes University Medical School

Regardless of where you come from, your school fees are very close in cost at this Parisian medical school. They will be elevated slightly for U.S. students this year, but considering how low these fees are already, a slight elevation in fees is really nothing by comparison. This is one of the most prestigious French medical schools in the country and around the globe.

Where Do You Want to Study?

Choosing a medical school that has notoriety is great, but also consider the location. Where would you like to study? Are you ready to pay for room and board at a school in another country? As you consider each of the above options, don't forget to consider housing expenses in your decision.

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