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Things to Know Before Designing a Logo For Your Business


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With TRUiC's new logo maker, designing a professional business logo has never been easier, but here's the catch: what's the best way to make a business logo that truly represents a business and brand? 

With all the free logo makers online these days, designing a business logo seems like a very easy task for people trained in marketing and design. But like most people who try logo designing for the first time, the process is a bit more complex than it may first appear. The trick is creating a logo that matches the business' personality but also, in a very simple way shows customers what the business is all about. To help with this, here's a list of things you need to know and think about before designing your business logo. 

Using the space

One of the first things to know is how to use the space available when designing a logo, play around with the size of the text and how it is situated in relation to the graphics if icons or symbols are used. It would be good to make the text or graphic as big as the logo maker will allow. It will also be good to strategically position the business name and tagline, in relation to the icon in different ways to get a feel for what the best option will look like. Looking at different design options will help narrow down the best logo design. One good way of doing this is to scan through the design option that the logo maker algorithm provides. The TRUiC logo maker, for example, provides over a thousand logo design options for business owners to choose from, then they can go ahead and personally customize it if they want to make some late alterations to their chosen logo design. But there's no need to overcrowd the logo. Less is sometimes more, and in the case of designing a logo, this is definitely the case. Don't feel the need to add unnecessary trimming and boards as this may detract from the true focal point of the logo. 

Playing around with fonts, texts and colours

The fun part of designing a logo is playing around with fonts and colours of text and icons. One suggestion is to see how uppercase and lowercase texts look using different fonts. It's important to remember that rather sophisticated fonts are sized appropriately and large enough so that customers do not struggle to read the business name or tagline. The readability of a logo is essential, whether on a business card or billboard, potential clients must be able to read the logo. If you decide to use both a business name and a tagline, make sure the business name is bigger than the tagline, either by decreasing the size of the tagline or by keeping the tagline as short as possible if decreasing the size is impractical. It is always good to align the business name with the tagline. A balanced logo is much easier to read and remember. It may also be a good idea to play around with the colour scheme for a logo while still keeping the personality of the business in mind. Another thing to do, that not many people do, is play around with the background colour of the logo. This can really add another dimension to a logo and really make a business name or icon stand out in contrast. The TRUiC logo maker has several colour sets and palettes to choose from, their free logo generator and colour editor offers several sets of warm and cool colours that users can use to make their logo memorable and increasingly recognizable.  

Using symbols and icons

When deciding to include a symbol or icon in a logo design, there's no need to think of a picture that immediately describes your business, like a coffee cup as the symbol of a coffee shop or café. By conceptualizing the idea by the business, an icon can come to represent ideas, portray meanings and invoke feelings about a business that are not obvious at first. The use of more abstract symbols and icons can act as a visual metaphor for a business. Yet it is important that the icon or symbol not be too abstract, think of something easy to grasp and quickly recognizable. An icon or symbol can solicit certain connotations that can come to, or already are associated with a business. It is good to play around with the type of icon or symbol included in the logo. By choosing from 50 industries, the TRUiC logo maker allows business owners to choose an icon or symbol from their range of graphics, organic shapes, icons and symbols. It is important that the graphic element of the logo relates to the purpose of the business, no matter how loosely. When deciding on an icon or symbol, it is always good to match it to logo text, colour and font. Increasing the size of the icon to match the size of the text would also make the logo look more centred and aligned. When using a business name, a tagline and an icon, it is important to make sure they stand together in symmetry to one another. The three components should fix together as if they are one masterpiece. 

Create your business logo today

Using these tips discussed above may just help you create the best business logo, one that is unique, looks professional and lets customers know what the business is all about. But don't take our word for it! Try this logo maker and see for yourself how easy the TRUiC logo maker makes for you to design a completely unique and professional logo for your business today! 

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