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Hyper-V Version Comparison for Dummies


Hyper-V Version Comparison for Dummies

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Microsoft released its first Windows Server in 2003. Since then, it has made many progressive improvements to it in the form of versions. All these successive editions seek to enhance the previous versions by building on their strengths and addressing their weaknesses. However, these upgrades are numerous, and hence, our limited scope in this post won't allow us to compare all of them. Here we compare the two latest versions against different dimensions and functionalities.

Our comparison will pitch Windows Server 2019 against 2016. Read on to discover more and be better positioned to choose the right Nakivo Hyper-V backup solution for your virtualization needs.

Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2019

This edition was the most efficient version users had until its successor the 2019 release arrived. This edition enhancesprimary areas, such assafety, hybrid,and the application platform.


This editioncomes with these capabilities that were absent in its predecessor.

  • The ability to move information to it easily.
  • Systems insights that utilize artificial intelligence to reduce operations expenses.
  • Data deduplication.
  • An enhanced verification system that makes it safer to utilize one's account for cloud verification.
  • Memory monitoring.
  • Faster connection.

How Secure Is It?

Security is another critical dimension inherent in this most recent edition. The release advances from where its predecessor left by offering extrahelp for running Linux virtual machines. Also, it can protect, detect, and respond to safety threats swiftly. Additionally, it offersadditionalhelp in troubleshooting common network challenges.

With this improvement in place, users can detect threats earlier and manage all security challenges better. It also assists them in encrypting network portions. Consequently, it guarantees improved security within and between servers. It's not surprising, therefore, that this edition is the most expensive. However, the two security systems in the editions serve the same purpose.


Compared to its predecessor, this version gives developers an advanced output. It features containers with its subsystem to let them develop great apps using Linux easily. It makes these containers work better by making smaller core bases hence, enhancing their usage and output quality.


Lastly, we compare these two versions in the area of hyper-convergence. Microsoft developed the 2016 edition hyper-convergence of the ecosystem in collaboration with the most reputable industry players. This feature succeeded and gained a good reputation among users worldwide. Fortunately, the 2019 version retained and improved this feature.It does this by includingnew capabilities to serve its consumersbetter.

Moreover, it increased the scope of the infrastructure. For instance, it can perform better and even more accurately. Therefore, it is a better and more convenient choice for businesses.

Additionally, it supports users better and more conveniently. Its interface has also improved because you can store data to it more directly than before. But this improvement benefits bigger enterprises than it does benefit smaller ones. But granted, it's the right step in the right direction-forward.

Which Version Should You Choose?

Our comparative analysis has shown you all you needed to know about the differences and similarities between these two versions. We compared them against core features that boost a user's experience. Now, the big question remains: which one of the two is a better version?

Choosing between the Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2019 is a matter of what suits your business needs better. Yourdecision to use the later relies on which of the upgraded capabilities that will enhance your business more conveniently.The reason is that some of the added features are necessary to help you to serve your clients well. Therefore, it would be beneficial to choose between the two editionsdependent on what is ideal for your virtualization needs.

These editions are some of the finest Hyper-V releases businesses can use to meet their needs. The two versions serve the same purpose, but the latter does it more excellently.

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