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How to Prepare for a Long-Distance Move to College


How to Prepare for a Long-Distance Move to College

Photo : How to Prepare for a Long-Distance Move to College

While it has always been a difficult task for a Student-to-Be to relocate, moving to a college campus during non-easy pandemic times might seem impossible. But it really isn't. One of the most popular variants to move is to use a PODS  container if you are interested check Let us share some advice to make this process smooth and stress-free.

What needs to be checked when moving

First of all, make sure you know enough about your dorm and campus. You have probably already been there and have more or less clear picture of what your location looks like. Still, you couldn't have possibly remembered everything from your guest visit. Hopefully you have got the contacts of the dorm administrator, if not search through the brochure or visit the College website for as many details as you can find. Check the FAQ list. What are you looking for: how far is your destination from your hometown? What are the sanitary standards of the sate you are going to? How far is the nearest supermarket, cafés, laundries? Is there an indoor or outdoor parking available? What are the costs and details of the meal plan? Are there going to be any roommates? Do not hesitate to ask all these questions and come up with more. Check your paperwork, make sure it matches all the points of the College paperwork checklist.  

While packing

How to pack to make sure you do not overpack or underpack? It's hard to say goodbye to the things from your room that you have been collecting for what seems to be your whole life but the truth is: you are not going to need the biggest half of them during your study. The only thing they'll do is take space in your room and you are not going to have much of it to start with. When packing think of every item from the multitasking point of view: can these shoes be worn both around the campus and to the evening events? Is this t-shirt a good match for both your favorite jeans and College brand colors? You have to make to separate sets: things you need VS things that you just want to take. Also organize a garage sale, you'll find use of some extra cash while moving. 

Things you do not need when moving

You definitely do not need every coat you own and every pair of jeans. Neither do you need your collection of converses in all different colors. Toiletries can be to heavy and bulky to pack and carry and can easily be bought there. Only a couple of towels and one extra blanket! Do not try to bring all school supplies. Wait till your first week of school, your teachers will tell you what you are going to need for the course of study and you'll have enough time to buy everything there. You probably are not going to have enough time for leisure reading so bring a couple of books if you wish but do not play hard on it. Depending on your meal plan you might not need any kitchen supplies at all but if you plan to cook once in a while, bring some absolutely necessary things and of course you can buy whatever extra things you need there. The only thing you absolutely need to bring if your favorite mug.   

Things that you need when moving

Consider bringing a long charger, an extension cord and a network filter for your laptop. You'll be grateful to yourself for thinking about these things, they will make your life so much more comfortable. Another important thing to have in your room is a printer. It might be quite heavy and give you hard time while moving. It will also take a lot of space in your room but it will save you so much time looking for a place to print your papers which you are going to have a lot! Printer is a very useful school device. Also think about the medicine and vitamins that you might need, bring basic ones or the ones you need on a regular basis including sanitizers and personal protection supplies. Make sure you see your doctor and get the necessary prescriptions so that you don't need to worry about it for a while in an unknown place.

Things you might need when moving

Make a list of things you might need, pile them up and leave them at home. Do not bring them with you. You'll be back home for the first coming break which is quite possibly be in October - November. If you still need those things, you'll have a chance to come back for them. Chances are they'll go for the next garage sale.

While moving

If you decide to drive to a new place, make sure you check your car and pack it nicely with things for a long trip including your travelling kit, emergency kit and sack of yummies. If you are not driving to College still consider bringing you car. That'll give you some freedom that you will need in a new place. There are so many options to deliver your car if you don't want to drive it to the place. You can organize shipment or any other kind of delivery or ask your dad to drive it as an option. The last one may turn out to be a nice family bonding trip if you treat it right. And do not try to cover everything, there will definitely be something you have forgotten. Try not to get overloaded on such things, think of the most necessary ones and the new interesting life ahead of you. But remember, full-service movers like will make sure all of your large, unwieldy, or heavy furniture make it to your final destination unbroken too. This includes partial or full disassembly of furniture, as required. After all, you do not need to do all the heavy lifting! 

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