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Top Uses Of Crypto Currency


Top Uses Of Crypto Currency

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Crypto currencies have come a long way since their launch. People who used to be wary of crypto currencies now look at it as a nice way to transact because it offers anonymity and ease of use. However, people who have not yet taken to crypto currencies still feel that they will not be able to use them like normal currency. Moreover, some people use different applications such as Bitcoin Transfer app, for doing trade in cryptocurrency.  Well, given below are the top uses of crypto currency:

Money transfer made easy:

Normal money transfer can take a lot of time and if it is international money transfer it can even take a few days. But with crypto currency it is very easy and you can transfer money in a few hours. Normal money transfer through financial intermediaries charge a lot of transaction fees but when it comes to crypto currency the transaction fees are very less. The low fees and ease in transfer is one of the reasons why a lot of people have started to opt for crypto currency rather than traditional money.

Online gaming:

Online gaming has grown exponentially after they started accepting Bitcoins and other crypto currencies. People love to play online and the added advantage of anonymity and safety has made people to take up online gaming with crypto currencies like a duck takes to water. You can play games such as Cryptoskull  or eSports and the like. Getting bonuses with crypto currency is also easy and hence the popularity of crypto currencies like Bitcoin etc.


Who does not like to travel? Everyone does. However, what puts off travel plans is the planning part. Getting tickets for the flight, booking hotels, booking car rentals and the like can be a real pain. But with so many online travel companies now accepting crypto currency it has really become easy to plan and book tickets, hotels etc. The ease with which the transactions are conducted is the reason most people are opting to travel book using crypto currency. Also with many bitcoin ATM's available in many countries, it becomes easy to use your payment wallet and get real money in the native currency.

Additionally if you are a real adventurer and want to venture into new territories you can try your hand at space travel. Virgin Galactic accepts Bitcoin payments for space travel. Many people have already booked their tickets for space travel even though the tests have not been completed for commercial space travel. So, why wait, use your crypto currency and book a ticket to travel space, now!

Buy automobiles:

Yes, you heard that right, you can buy super luxury automobiles using crypto currency like bitcoins. There are luxury providers who accept bitcoin and can help you buy even a Ferrari or a Lamborghini. You can also buy the best in wines and also invest in real luxury real estate. 

The options are many and the options are only going to increase. The rise in the value of Bitcoins is the reason for the success of all crypto currencies.

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