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Jul 22, 2016 12:22 PM EDT

'Pokémon Go' Gaming Tip: How To Save Battery For A Longer Gaming Experience


One of the biggest problems of the "Pokémon Go" players is the battery. This app is a big battery vampire, but there are tricks in saving the battery for longer experience.

The augmented reality gaming application by Niantic, "Pokémon Go", has been a huge hit, however, this app is consumes a lot of battery life.

A security software based in Amsterdam, AVG Technologies, conducted a field test for "Pokémon Go". The company's device performance expert, Sandro Villinger, said that the game drained completely a fully charged iPhone 6S plus battery in just two hours and 10 minutes of game time. Continuous playing on a Samsung Galaxy S6 drained a fully charged battery in only two hours and 40 minutes, CBS News reported.

Furthermore, Sandro Villinger said that "Pokémon Go" is the most battery hungry app that he has ever used.

In order to save battery, the app itself has a battery saver mode. This built in feature automatically dims the phone's screen whenever it is in the user's pocket or upside down. The player can simply go to settings and check the battery saver mode, Tech Insider reported.

Turning off the game's music or sound effects can also have effects on the battery life. However, players must leave the vibration on so that they will know when a Pokémon is nearby.

When players are at home, it is advised to immediately turn off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or 3G/4G data. Also, when playing, using the 3G is less draining compared to the 4G or LTE.

Background apps also drain battery even if they are not being used so they should be turned off to save more power.

It is also suggested to reduce the zooming, rotating and camera use. The augmented reality (AR) mode drains too much battery so it is advised to turn off this feature when the battery is getting low.

For Android users, using a Battery Booster application may prove useful. And if everything fails, an extra battery pack or a power bank can be used to make the gaming experience longer.


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