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Eleanor Bright

University President Denounces Alumna, Now Presidential Counselor

Feb 21, 2017 AM EST The president of Trinity University Washington rebuked presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway for spreading lies that led to travel bans among immigrants.

University of California Partners with Israel’s National Technological Innovation Authority

Feb 20, 2017 PM EST University of California (UC) and Israel's Innovation Authority (IIA) entered into an agreement to share information regarding technological innovations and development and research. The agreement ...

Zealandia Emerges As The World’s Newest Continent [Video]

Feb 20, 2017 AM EST After more than a decade of studies, scientists were able to discover a new continent, now called Zealandia. New Zealand, New Caledonia and other smaller islands formerly considered to belong to ...

Scientists, Academics And Coders Rush To Save Government Climate Data [Video]

Feb 19, 2017 AM EST A group composed of scientists, academicians, hackers and coders came together to rescue volumes of climate data from possible destruction.

NASA Invites The Public To Help Find Missing Planet Of The Solar System [Video]

Feb 18, 2017 AM EST NASA has asked the help of the public to find missing ninth planet. Those interested to join the hunt can log in to a website provided by NASA and start looking for the planet in movie footages ...

NASA Launch of Crewed Spacecraft Delayed As SpaceX And Boeing Fails To Get Certification [Video]

Feb 18, 2017 AM EST Problems with design and information caused delay in the certification of SpaceX and Boeing new spacecrafts. They have to be safe because they will be carrying humans. They will transport US ...

Social Media: How It Affects Your Chances Of Getting A Job [Video]

Feb 16, 2017 PM EST People fond of posting everything in their social media accounts might suffer from rejections when applying for a job. Employers check applicant's social media accounts for additional information. ...

Database Of Stars Released Allows Discovery Of Exoplanets Using Laptop [Video]

Feb 16, 2017 AM EST Alien planet hunting can now be done from the home with the use of a laptop runningh the HIRES software. Ordinary people will have the chance to make a discovery.

Interactive Content: Best Way To Grab Class Attention From Tech Savvy Students [Video]

Feb 15, 2017 PM EST Tech-savvy students need interactive content to keep their attention to their classes. Use of digital instructional materials is of utmost importance. Teachers must adopt them to be able to teach ...

NASA Prepares To Explore Jupiter’s Moon Europa For Signs of Life [Video]

Feb 15, 2017 PM EST NASA is preparing to send an orbiter and probe to Europa, Jupiter's icy moon. The mission will provie information that would negate or support the idea that there is life in some places in the ...

King Tut’s Tomb Final Investigation Could Reveal Greatest Discovery of 21st Century

Feb 14, 2017 AM EST A final investigation of King Tut's tomb will be conducted by a team of researchers from Polytechnic University of Turin. This could result to the greatest discovery of the 21st century.

Trump’s‘ "Hire American" Policy Hampered by Shortage of Local STEM Graduates

Feb 14, 2017 AM EST Trump's "Hire American" policy would be difficult to implement due to shortage of workforce skilled for the vacant job positions. This will hamper the growth of the country.

Siemens Retired Exec Boosts STEM Program of Youngstown State University

Feb 14, 2017 AM EST Siemens retired CEO pledged to continue helping his hometown. As a starter, he facilitated the $440 million donation in kind, a state-of-the-art software for product life cycle management.

Ten-Year-Old Boy with ADHD Wants to be ‘Professor of Play’ at Cambridge University

Feb 14, 2017 AM EST A 10-year-old boy with ADHD took the courage to apply for a position at Cambridge University. He believed that his ADHD will allow him to focus on reading, researching, and playing. He thought these ...

‘Star Wars’ And Philosophy: Course Attracting Students In Glasgow University [Video]

Feb 13, 2017 AM EST "Star Wars" will be used by Glasgow University in teaching Philosophy. Dr. Donaldson believes that using popular culture in teaching such a subject will arouse students' interest.

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