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A lot people imagine being in a top leadership position but they soon realized how daunting the task is. Despite this, however, getting a top position is not impossible. Here are some tips from different executive coaches to help you move forward to your next leadership job.

Never shortchange yourself

The worst thing you can do is shortchanging yourself and your skills. In order to avoid that, take time to assess yourself first before seeking out the next leadership job you want. Colin Moore of the career advisory firm, Essex Partners, said that when you made it clear your goals to yourself, it will empower and boost your confidence.

Meanwhile, Caroline Stokes, founder of the search firm Forward Human Capital Solution, encourages people to take the time to recover and re-assess themselves. Rushing out can be a big mistake.

Networking is powerful but avoid contacting too many people

Moore said that the most effective channel in getting a leadership shop is networking. In fact, 60 to 70 percent of the executive jobs in the market are secured by the candidate through networking. However, Stokes give a warning that networking does not necessarily mean that you contact too many people. Rather be selective of the people whom you network with. Most importantly, be discreet about your intentions as it can turn off other people.

Update your resume and strengthen your LinkedIn presence

According to Ted Chan, founder of CareDash, he was able to secure his latest executive position because he asked the help of an executive coach who made his resume more focused by deleting the unnecessary. With this advice in mind, if you want to bag the next leadership job, you have to delete irrelevant roles and highlight the leadership roles you've had. In addition to that, you should also strengthen your LinkedIn presence but not to the point of announcing that you are looking for work.

Don't accept a position immediately

Bridget Duffy, chief medical officer of Vocera Communications said that even if you want to get the position, avoid accepting the offer immediately for fear that nothing would come along. Moreover, it is best to keep in touch with a recruiter since companies who are hiring top executives entrust the task of hiring the right person to professional headhunters.

Sell not only your skills but also your vision

Leaders have a vision and a strategy to make the vision into a reality. Then, back that up with the skills you have to make yourself more marketable. And speaking of strategy, you need to show that you are in touch with the latest trends and technology because it also shows that your skills and knowledge are up-to-date.

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