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Aug 13, 2016 09:55 AM EDT

Michael Phelp's sports career takes a major turn at Rio Olympic 2016, when he loses the top spot to 21-year old Singaporean Joseph Schooling for 100 meter Butterfly- August 12, Friday. Phelp's fans are at odds over digesting the sudden swerve in Phelp's career in swimming sports so that they were led to speculate the that effects of the loss to Phelp's career will forever leave a hollow mark in his last individual race.

Contrary to what everyone is thinking, Phelps had been spotted right after the presentation the figures giving a very calm smile back to Schooling. In fact, Phelps had also been caught laughing during the announcing of winners. Could this perhaps be an indication that his medal honor has been passed on to good hands?

Schooling gets the winning 50.39 second bar...

Despite sharing the third place with Hungary's Laszlo Cseh and South Africa's Chad le Clos, Phelps could only recall how wild the results were. The competition was utterly tight but the moment the figures were flashed on screen, ranking the 3 in the 3rd place based on the 51.14 second time lapse, things began to settle. Schooling, on the other corner, gets the winning 50.39 second bar, the New York Times

Unbeknown to Schooling, he was since destined to own the medal for this year's Olympics. Thus, his immediate reaction given the results was utter surprise. Joseph then immediately looked at Phelps, as if asking for his blessing, and right there and then, the two exchanged heart-warming beams before embracing.

Being ecstatic and humbled altogether had been the most reasonable feelings Schooling held at the time due to the fact that Phelps, the person he beat in the 100 meter Butterfly at the Olympics was his long-time hero, Daily Mail reported.

He [Michael Phelps] is human after all...

Despite the fans and media's overbearing hollers, pounded by the Le Clos wishful thinking implying Phelps to stay four more years in the sports, Phelps stood decided in his retirement. Nonetheless, the events that unfolded in Phelps' sports career strangely turned out to be a good one; something Phelps had pictured his career would end out to be. He is human after all, sports experts added in Daily Mail.

Ultimately, from the calm gazes and embraces competitors all gave each other, one could say that all's well that ends well. As for the medal honor being passed down to Schooling's hands- no particular announcement has been deemed necessary to confirm Schooling's becoming in swimming sports career.

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