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"Pokemon GO" pressing questions are hot like pancakes. Many are craving for answers, since you are already here, let us have a quick catching up about the "Pokemon GO's gameplay. Follow along the FAQ and savor every bit information we have gathered to assist you.

How to log in to the game?

You have two options in logging into "Pokemon GO". For an easier step, you may log in through your existing Google account. But if you prefer something else, you may sign up for an account to Pokémon Trainer Club. This option has some added privileges, such as a subscription to a newsletter monthly. Additionally, it bids download codes for rare Pokemon.

Can I make a nickname as trainer?

Yes, definitely. Preferred nicknames must be spelled with the combination of letters or numbers. However, no duplicates are allowed, so if your preferred name was already taken you have to create or re-juggle your choice.

Can I customize the look of my trainer?

Yes, you can. There are several options to choose from hair colors, skin tones and outfits. However, the selection is somewhat less wide-ranging than what is available in Pokemon X and Y.

Do I get a starter Pokemon pet?

Yes. Professor Willow will walk you through catching Pokémon. He would not directly give you a starter, instead he will direct you to the open map around you, where Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle come out of nowhere. Trainers may pick among the three they want to catch and whichever they picked will now be theirs.

Can I name the Pokemon I picked?

Yes, of course. So once you are able to find a suitable name for your Pokemon, you can go into the Pokémon section of the menu and edit your monsters' names (you may even change the name every time you wanted to).

Can I catch more Pokemon?

This is a challenging question, since catching is not well-explained in "Pokemon GO". However, as you travel round the real world which is technically represented on the in-game map, you will occasionally bump into clumps of rustling grass. Everytime you will approach these, it will end up with a Pokemon on your map and when you click on it, it will automatically initiate a match, Polygon noted. This fight is not between the Pokemon but a challenge to your expertise in swiping a Poke Ball to their direction. When your Poke Ball engaged in the fight, a colored ring will surround the opponent. Notice that there will be change in size after each capture shot. We advise you to throw the Ball during a smaller window, with our time with the game, it seems to be more effective. But it is yet to be proven further.

How can I catch a Clefairy, a Pidgey, a Horsea and all other Pokemon I really like?

"Pokemon GO" point is to encourage travelling and exploring new geographic areas to catch suitable Pokemon. For example, in a normal town, you will encounter mostly normal- and grass-types. When you are near the water, you can attract water-type Pokemon. During a night stroll, expect for nocturnal creatures like Gastly and Clefairy. Since "Pokemon GO" has not been out a long time, there are still diverse places to explore and discover. So most probably, iconic landmarks may bring rarer finds.

Are there supplementary items to help me in the Pokemon universe?

There are a range of items to buy that aid capturing and upgrading monsters which can be found in the shop. Each of these items cost PokeCoins which may be bought for real money. Here are some: (Item Description From Polygon)

Speaking of which, what is a PokeStop?

The Pokeshop is a notable locations in the vicinity. They are embodied by a blue marker on the map. Clicking on the blue marker will pop up a picture of the building, park, monument or what have you. Swiping through that picture will often show you a handful of items, like Poké Balls or a Pokémon Egg that could add a new Pokémon to your collection when hatched.

"Pokemon GO" FAQs will be continued at the link below. So please continue reading and know more about Gym Battle and Trading. For now, check out the video of Pokemon's evolution in the past 20 years below. If you have more question, please send it to us through the comment box or continue reading through this link - Pokemon GO Gym Battles and Duel.

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